3. Key for love

What i learnt from mine love relations, is that you should never be desperate. That  makes wrong impression, as you are the most lonely person in this world.
I remember guy who sent me love letters, calling me on the phone and stalking me on every public place i went. He was my nightmare, and i was swearing myself why i dating with him.

But i was crazy for one other guy, i was calling him, his mother knew my voice because my calls were so often, i was able to do anything for him until our conflict.  I saw him when he was on date with another girl. I even approached them and asked her who is she. She was cold as ice and did not say a word to me. I could learn from that girl. Then i woke up, and i remembered first guy. Was i better from him? Also i was persistent in my intentions to get his love. I could avoid my shame, just if i was able to control myself.

Today i remember all of this with laugh, with dose of sadness. Oh that teenage girl was so stupid, so hasty, and i could never be her friend.
Later i learnt to stay on distance and to be balanced with every guy who wanted to approach me. I am calm and i don't let anyone to control my life, but also the same i am not controlling anybody. Also i can see when i am desirable and when i need to back of. 

When you love person, you love all his ways, you are part of his life, but not his everything. He is not the air you breathe, even you share this air with him. I love guy, his parents, friends, his hobbies, even his way to be on distance with me, sometimes. There are moments when he wish to be alone and i respect this. I know he will always ask for me, because i am also unavailable sometimes. 

Some people prefer to say "i can't live without him or her" but somehow it sounds scary. 

If you can't breath and get up without your partner, you are addicted and obsessed with him and this is not healthy. Every couple has own secret how they survived and why they are still together. Rules of relation are individual , but you need to find common language. If you are on the same frequency, you are born for each other. There is key of love and only you and your partner know this password.
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