8. Friends for a lifetime

It is hard to make real friendship. Statistic says that in life we might have 1-3 real friends for a lifetime. Others are acquaintances, colleagues from workplace or people we meet every day on the street.  You can also have great virtual friends, but if you have profiles with thousand people, can you consider all as friends? Accord statistic, you can relate with about 150 people at your pages.

We will meet many people during our life. First connections starts in childhood. Then we pass through first conflicts, fights and tears. Later we will find friends for night life and dating. 
Temptations starts  after school age. We will move in another city, find other new friends and maybe partner for marriage. Then old friends became past if they don't go on the same path.
We can't expect too much and also it is wrong to blame someone if friendship did not survive. 

Also, it is wrong to keep connection from next reasons:

- if you are neighbors and your parents are friends, why should you must be friend with their daughter or son
- if your friend is alone and not able to find company
- if your friend is poor and need you for money

It is nice to have friends, but there will be moments in life you will pass alone. When you can't do nothing alone without help of your friends, you are too addicted to them. Like a parasite. You will need friends to drive you, to cry with you, to drink with you and you are not able to do nothing for them.

The basic of real friendship are these rules:

- take a critic because nobody is perfect
- be happy to have friend, but be ready to live without him or her
- always give something for return
- be loyal and respectable

There is difference between real and fake friends. Fake friends will be around you during your best time, but they will escape when you have problems or if you get sick. Real friends will give you their time and support when you have the worst problems.

When you  will say that you found friend for a lifetime?

- when you were in big trouble and he did not leave your side
- you are still in contact even you had conflicts
- you said critics to each other, but never talked behind your back
- you are on his priority list

Friendship is like weather. When outside is sunny, people are gathering around and streets are full. But when storm appears, people runaway and only the bravest stay and ask for a solution. Friend for a lifetime is indeed your right hand.

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