5. Women without sensibility

Some women nowadays act like superior species, robots who are able to do all alone, so they don't need a men.
This superwoman is great business lady, with good skills in kitchen, bed and outside, elegant, ready to realize her wishes without help of any man. She will call for a man when she is horny. 

Talking with colleague inspired me to write this text. She said that all men are the same and that they should be objects for reproduction. She talked as black widow, make love with man and spit him out. It makes me wonder, did some of us lose sense and sensibility? She said to me that she did not allow her man to cook dinner, because she can do it alone. She did not allow to her son to do house work, because he would make a mess.

Woman doesn't need to be strong sex machine to rule with world . Some women forgot tenderness, kind of powerful  weapon of every woman by birth, just not used nowadays.

For a change, listen and let man to talk, give him right and he will feel like he is a boss , but he is indeed not. Just be there for him when he got tired of all this egoistic ladies , ready to sacrifice all for their ego, just to prove their power. 
This Supergirl will grab your money, use you for sex, and you will walk around with empty wallet and confused mind. So, what was that, machine or woman?

Be different. Smile to him and give him hand. Give him advice when he needs it. Be silent with him and listen beats of his heart. Prepare space for him, he will take your hand and he will be yours. Cry and show tears if you have need, he will feel more as man and you will get your point on easier way than with force. There are two kind of extreme feminists: the one who finish alone, and the one who finish with cuckold. Do you wish to be with cuckold, who will let you to rule with him as with plastic doll?

Women tenderness and kindness is forgotten nowadays. You can complain to man if something is not alright, ask his shoulder for support. If you show that you can do all alone, he will feel as unnecessary thing. So, do it together, and nobody will complain.

Once, when compromise is developed, beloved guy is yours. You don't need to play on masculine way to get what you wish. Femininity is enough worthy to get what you wish from your man.

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