32. Man from the cave

Once upon a time there was man in the cave. His duty was to feed his family, to make fire and to defend his woman from beasts. He was strong and tough, and all were afraid of him. Despite of fear,  they felt safe in his presence.
During centuries things changed, technology give us much opportunities to make fire alone, guns replaced stones and beasts escaped in the forest. But one thing is the same, women like to feel protected and safe.

Why we loved Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski, even his behavior reminds on monkey in the cage? This testosteron attack makes him sexy. Ladies, did you imagine yourself on the desk with him?
Clint Eastwood was savage policeman but we all loved Dirty Harry. As we love Schwarzenneger and Stallone and Jean Claude van Damme, with him we could walk on the street without fear.

So, guess who will be the guy who will have earlier sex experiences? Nasty guy with too loud motorcycle , who run away from school. Wild guy with black eye . The rebel who fight with teacher and headmaster. 

Now days women earn money and they can take care of own future. But still is hard for woman to live alone in flat, because she is target of every maniac. It is hard for her to progress at work if man doesn't stand behind her back. And imagine yourself in nightclub alone, how to get rid of drunk admirer who doesn't want to leave you alone.

Our mothers will recommend us to associate with guy from nice family, who graduated with excellent marks and who will continue family business. Yes, he has key of future. If he is a man.

What that means? A long time ago Sylvia went to nightclub with her boyfriend Steve. It was crowd and guy spill beer on her shirt. Steve start to talk with that guy and he sent him to hell , and Steve apologize to him, not to her. She was so disappointed. Guy who spill beer was big and with earring on nose, but still Steve was pussy, he even hugged him. At the end Sylvia told to guy that he is an asshole, and he did not dare to hit her. She felt more as man than Steve. He was just immature kid in this situation, who afraid of stronger dude.

So, got the point? If we have man who will beg and cry more than women, we feel something is wrong. 

Where is that man from the cave? 

We don't ask that man must have bomb to destroy all around us. His  strong attitude is sexy and useful. Woman will feel that she can lean on him. 
Next time when you don't stand up for your lady don't be surprised if she walks out with someone else who has bigger guts.

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