35. Women as football supporters

On first sight guys will say :"Women and football don't match together." Really, in old times woman was in the kitchen and man was in front of  TV screen with beer and his mates. 
The only role of woman was to bring him cold beer during the halftime and not to disturb him later.
In some countries still women can't go on stadium, it is forbidden. World Champion cup changed the view, and more and more women became interested about football game.

Indeed, some couples go together at matches, and some follow football on TV.

What is advantage of such relations, when both of you are football supporters?

- you will not argue about programs 
- your have one more common topic for conversation
- your boyfriend or husband will not justify why he called friends to watch match
- you will not complain because of beer bottles in room, you will clean this together
- euphoria when your team wins will make you closer
- football connect you, not separate you
- he will be in mood for sex after match

How they approach women at stadium? 

I had interesting experience. I came there with my boyfriend and woman guard asked to open my purse. There was little bottle of perfume. She had discussion with me about that perfume, because accord her i could hit player with this small thing. Damn, i should have really good skill to hit the bottle so far, so perfume could not be a weapon or dangerous tool. At least she give me permission to enter with this. Other time woman told me to leave umbrella, but on another side of stadium were flares, group of nasty guys did a big mess. So, no wonder on Croatian stadiums are not good controls. Guards, take a look better, not in girls purses.

I like the feeling when Eduardo, Mandžukić or Niko Kranjčar hit the goal. I hope for success of Croatian football team and that we will go in Brasil, we deserve that. Don't forget us women, we are your lucky stars.

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