28. Backstabber from the past

We are humans and we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are productive so we can grow through them, to make our own updates if old version of our personality failed.
In another case, some kind of mistakes are as stones, we slip on them in the moment of progress. Past might be very dangerous enemy , because it comes from the shadow.

What if woman was promiscuous and then she finds right man who is traditional? This is 21 century, but attitudes about promiscuous women are various, from judgment until mocking, so people are not always on her side.
If man is playboy, he is a king. All women fall down in his trap, he has many trophies and even is embarrassing if man has no experience in sex.
If woman is naughty and open minded, this is another story. She pays her price, and her character must be very firm to handle this. It is different with famous persons. They can earn money from their scandals, their affairs are marketing. Madonna became legend because of her affairs, more than from music or movies. Also, who would remember eternal Marilyn Monroe without her scandals?

Ordinary women have no such benefits. As smaller is city where you are living, judgment is bigger. 

What, is that bride Kate who were with Steve and his cousin Jake? Omg, what a slut. Or is this fiance Jane, whole neighborhood knows her, she is always on back with men.
Even worse situation happens when someone wants to use it against you and destroy your reputation on workplace, in your marriage, in front of your friends. Affairs against dignity, what you think who will win?

What kind of strategy is recommended?

1. change your story - not everybody should know number of your sex partners
2. be careful to whom you are trusting, so devoted female friend can be the biggest snitch
3. be polite with your ex, if you cherish good manners toward them, they will not have reason to hurt you
4. do not repeat old mistakes, if you care about your man, don't cheat
5. if you hear gossips and rumors against you, stand up with denial, nobody is guilty until other prove opposite
6. avoid company of people who can harm you, ex slutty friend is not good match for you anymore
7. head up, say that you are not perfect, but you learnt from your mistakes

This world is cruel. There are people who will not be happy to see your happiness and they will dig into your past until they hurt you. They will try to stab you with your stories just to ruin your reputation. Go against them with dignity and  wisdom. Your beloved people are the biggest support, never lie to them, no matter how much your past is ugly. 
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