24. "Love your enemies"

You might be the best person at this world but still there will be people who will dislike your personality.
Simply that is in human nature. Jealousy, envy, hunger for competition, someone simply wants to be better than you and someone wish you never succeed. You might be surprised because such people could be in your friend's circle or even in your family.

All is good when this competition is healthy. Someone owes better car, prettier wife, bigger salary. Some people are blessed by happiness. An opposite, others  want to destroy what their rivals have, because they feel defeated.

Bible says "love your enemies." I don't agree that you should give bread to person who hit you with stone.

Also i would not hit that person with another stone. There are more clever ways to get revenge, so your competitor will feel like he ate poisoned cake, and sit for a hours in toilet.

Imagine, for example your friend from childhood, who gossiped you under your back even you were so good to her. If you have handsome boyfriend just go in her favorite cafe bar and walk with him hand by hand, she will be green from envy. Or update your status at social network that you found job in successful workplace and poke her to see that and check if she wish. Indeed, success is better revenge than slap in the face.

Also, imagine that you have ex boyfriend who left you and gave you pain, but still he wants to remind you that for you he is the only option. You can wear your best sexy dress and walk with your new man to see you, or make acquaintance with people who don't like him. Suddenly you can become popular and everybody would like to invite you on party and other social events. For sure, he will swallow bitterness.

Can you give paycheck to mad boss who were torching you day by day? Just be calm and patient. It will be chance for a new job or you can give your best on business meeting with people from other workplaces, you can show your knowledge and approach, and you will be better than your boss.

I believe that in this life is some kind of balance. When someone hurts you, you will get your chance to revenge. But do it carefully and on the best way. Slap in the face can be painless in compare to other solutions.

At least you can get respect as in prison. To show teeth to person who underestimated you.
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