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89. Stuck in star dust


If you take a look ordinary life, it is indeed boring without fantasies and imaginations. Many of us have desires to create better circumstances but cruel reality swallows all attempts . 
Some were born to be actors, writers, dancers, musicians and other celebrities, but others will always be just good workers, good neighbors and good spouses. In childhood, did you imagine your life how you stand in the kitchen with pressure cooker in one hand and child who cry in other hand? In the same time, phone rings and your mother wants to give you advice how to prepare duck in oranges. It doesn't sound as movie, isn't it?

So, in  we have examples of people who became famous, but from nothing. Who are indeed that instant celebrities?
Shall we talk about their contribution, talents, can we consider them as stars? We must admit only that they are able to be subject of yellow stamp on every corner because of scandals they made. Instagram will push you into space if you show boobs, butt and brag about your perfect shape with hashtags.

Instant celebrities did own success, to be noticed, because people will spread rumors about them, people will spit on them but yet they are not unknown and incognito anymore. Fake celebrities will call themselves writers, even they never published book or singers, even they don't know any album and they sing only on weddings. Vanity is limitless when it comes time to impress publicity.

Clara wanted to be famous too. She tried as singer but her voice was bad, as model she was too fat and for any education she was too lazy. So finally she went into local TV show and there she got role of woman in court trials. But, nobody noticed her. Even her mother told to all neighbors to open TV in the evening, when "Blood is not water" just started. This is indeed interesting broadcast about drama in life of ordinary people, but nobody noticed Clara. She stuck in this star dust, unable to shine more.

If you are not average, if you are really talented, people will notice you. If you are not, don't push yourself where you don't belong. Better to be first in the village, than last in the city - that is golden quote.

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