90. Sushi sisters

If you ask why you are suddenly so popular in female company, take a look of your boyfriend. You got him, he is handsome, smart, strong, everything what girls want. So, girl who did not notice you until yesterday now will try to be your best friend. This happens just because once she slept with him in the past and in urban dictionary, she is your sushi sister.

Beware of this Trojan horse. Your new boyfriend is in center of attention, and he will not give up of his female friends. Maybe they are his ex girlfriends, and they will watch on you. In translation, they will wait for an obstacles in your relation to make a mess.

Why sushi sister is not your real friend?

- what you have in common with her is your boyfriend
- she will try to be part of his present life too, because she already knows him and his interests, she can take advantage
- women jealousy and envy, she can't handle why she did not keep him
- she will watch your every wrong step

Competition is in women nature and character. Rivalry between women is not so obvious as in men world. Women will pretend friendship and this is poker game. If you hold wrong cards, you lose. 

How to behave with sushi sister?

- make her irrelevant, she was once with him, this is past, avoid subjects about past
- don't give her credits to come too closer to your boyfriend
 ( reject her invitation to parties, cinema, events)
- don't complain about her to your boyfriend , don't gossip, men don't like nagging
- show in publicity how much you are happy with your boyfriend, hug him, kiss him in her presence

If you radiate and smile, your real female friends will wish you happiness. Sushi sister will talk about his failures, she will warn about your partner and she is indeed like crow before the storm. 

Also, somehow is not natural that you are friend with your boyfriend's former girlfriend . The same is with your husband's ex wife. This is indeed rarity and burden you don't need. Sooner or later you can found it how she gossiped you under your back. Then you will discover real intention of this sisterhood.

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