94. Flirt - bad substitution for love

Words "i love you" are magical words. Even the most coldest woman will tremble when her partner start to talk about love and his feelings toward her. Indeed, these words are powerful, but only if their source is in the heart.

Unfortunately, these words also can be abused in other purposes. 

When someone say "i love you", meaning might be this:

- i love you because i want to make love with you
- i love you because you have money
- i love you because i want to recover from last relation
- i love you because you are first person i will have sex

We can't blame person if he/she doesn't know meaning of this words. But, effect can be terrible if nothing stands under this. When actions prove opposite, words are useless.

John and Diane were dating about a month. He said to her "i love you" when they make love first time. After that he did not call her few days. She was confused and she asked him is it over. He replied : "i am busy, here is lot of snow, i must clean snow in front of my house, i have no time for romance."
Diane felt like a fool but she was happy later when he called her on next date. Few days later, he did not call her again. She started to cry and she called him. 

- Why you did not call me? Am i boring to you? Is it over?
- That is what you said. As you wish.

It was that conversation, and they never met again. John did not want to tell open that he used Diane only for sex. It would be too transparent. Few sweet words, trip in the forest, sex in car, and he got what he wanted. Then he get out from this story easy like the snake. Diana felt like she is guilty because she was desperate and she was annoying him. In fact, John did not wanted relation at all. He wanted adventure and he used words of love to get what he wants.

Real love is more than few words, one night of sex and one drink in the night bar. Adventures and flirts are things which develop very fast. Love grows slow. Mutual interests, discussions, conversation about problems, meeting his or her family members. 
Yes, all this could be annoying and you will feel burden sometimes, but this is for person you really love.  So far from your partner for one night stand.

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