95. Big cat woman and dependable man

When strong woman met weak man, we in Croatia love to say that he is cuckold. Woman will hold every angle in the house, and he is her little mouse, ready to be on service.
This combination is not connected with physical look, this is about characters. Some men really needs babysitter, mother or granny, but not woman as life partner. 

If you think that weak man is good and sweet guy, you are wrong. Cuckold is not good guy, he is just an conformist and person spoiled from childhood, he is person not able to make important decision because his wife is a boss. In some cases this man will not work, he will wait his wife to come back from her job and to earn much money. 

How to recognize cuckold?

- he cries more than woman
- he is afraid of conflicts with other men
- he has habits to blame others for his mistakes
- woman is usually cheating him, but he has no idea
- usually, mother has dominant role in his life

Bridget was woman in middle ages and she was almost never at home. Her husband Dan used to cook, clean and wash laundry , and when she needed something from market she used whistle.  Everybody laughed to them, but Dan never complaint. He had no job, she was earning money and their roles changed. He was always quiet and Bridget was noisy. She talked around that they marry from interest, because she wanted  to get over first man in her life who did not propose her.
When woman is dominant, and man is under her power, it reminds of game with cat and little mouse. She is chasing him, she plays with him and later she will grab him and swallow. He is her trophy. 

Why should any man allow this? Well, some men love to live as kids whole life. They will find older woman who will bring her money, who will take care of them as their mother used to do. Some men can't grow up, because life is not only sweet lullaby and they will not listen only sweet words all the time. 
When weak man realize that he must fight for love, invest and contribute, he will rather give up. It is too hard, too difficult, why to bother?  Maybe he wanted beautiful and smart woman, but it was too hard to deal with her. So this is easier way, to choose woman who will control everything. Alpha woman will pay bills, and pussy man will be at home, as her backup. 

Everything has a price, so this little mouse will accept to live in the trap for exchange to his comfortable life. He is like child in the cradle, when his mother sang lullaby and life was without problems. Now he sees his wife as new mother, who will take care for him.

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