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136. Cold war - how to survive in office?

Once upon a time, young man had a dream. He wanted to work as famous lawyer after he finished Faculty of Law. He imagined himself as defender of O. J. Simpson, as famous Robert Kardashian. To realize his dreams, he gave up from his private life. During summer he was studying even outside was 35 degrees and his friends enjoyed in summer joys. He squeezed teeth and after 6 years he finished his education. He was poor man so he decided to work first, and then to go on expert exam.

In Croatia , accord statistic from 2012., are 230 000 civil officers. It is not easy to find job as a lawyer if you have no family tradition and office from your father or mother, so you are forced to work for others few years, or you will work in agency or for ministry to earn some money. Public services are also one of the ways to get job. If you have good connection, you can work for private firm or entrepreneur. 

So this guy from the beginning of this story started to work in office , as civil officer, as intern. Soon he realized that he must wake up from his dream, because it reminded on nightmare. Old woman was his supervisor and she underestimated him from beginning. His first task, when he started to work , was to bring her muffin every morning. She wanted to make delivery man accord her wishes, but he denied that. During one year, she was correcting his memorials in a way how she wanted. He did not mistake in rules or laws, so she corrected his sentences and grammar. She wanted to make her copy from this young man, and she was abusing him. He was new employee in office and he did not want to report her for mobbing, so he handle that as real man and after one year of work experience he was asking another job. He was waiting for a new chance and happiness smiled to him so he got job in entrepreneurship.

What can you expect from office job, especially if you are new in this area?

- traps, someone will try to teach you what you already know
- if you are not kind and sweet, your path will be harder
- sexual harassment, especially if you are girl
- working on jobs under your level and education
- provocations and discrimination on every basic 

Someone will say, report your boss for mobbing. Just, this way is difficult and slow. When you will ask for next job, previous experience with mobbing and prosecution will not look good in your CV.
Even your rights are broken, next employer will look at you with suspicion and you will be factor of risk. 

If you are not favorite person in your department, use principle divide et impera. 

Separate and rule. You can find weak spot everywhere. Here is always boss and someone higher than your boss. Higher boss will have more power so you can be nice to that person. Who make final decisions at your work? Stick on basic rule : don't shit where you eat. You know how far you can go with your complaint, that you can be member of Union and ask your rights there, at least you can cause fear when you are bluffing with report.

When you are playing cards in this cold war, be calm and self confident. Hysteria and panic are just inside enemies, don't dig your own grave. Go with smile on your face and with short and clear arguments. Big boss is person who will decide about your destiny, so don't take much time with tears or monologues. You know why you are here and you stand behind your attitude. This is the only way that you can win in this game.
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