138. Tic toc secrets

Your lips are sealed and you hide something dangerous. Your secret is your prisoner because just right now you found out something harmful for person you love. 

How to deal with secrets ? 

Everyone could remember old days at school. Little boy got bad mark and now he has problem. How to bring bad news to his parents? Even he is quiet, something is bothering him and parents will find the way to dig what is this. Why this kid closed his mouth, where is his smile and why his eyes are big from fear? Yes, secrets are bombs. Tic toc, time is ticking away and they can explode every moment. Then we will have victims and collateral damage.

Even law talks about secrets. Lawyer has obligation to keep as secret information what he heard from his client, priest will save secrets which are discovered during his confessions. Military secrets are dangerous for security of the state if they will be published. Also here is penalty, for discovering every information considered as important secret.

What happens when we found out something confident ? Here is conflict between sense of duty and sense of loyalty.
Isabel and Veronica were two best friends from childhood, inseparable girls, they were tied as twins. Isabel had boyfriend and she shared all details from her relation with Veronica. One day Veronica got visit, her cousin Tara comes into their city. Tara was young and sexy girl, and unfortunately she fall in love in Steven, boyfriend of Isabel. Steven was not cold toward her and soon he started to cheat Isabel with Tara. Veronica knew this from a start, but she was crucified inside. How to tell Isabel that her guy is a jerk and cheater? Also, she did not want to hurt Tara, because Tara told her to keep this secret and to cover them as couple. After one month Isabel found out the truth, from third source. She was furious and she said to Veronica that she feels tremendous pain. Causer of this pain was not Steven, it was Veronica and her betrayal. She was villain in this story. Veronica could not look into eyes of her best friend. She knew she had right and she lost her friend forever. Isabel said that she could not trust her never again, and that she walks with knife in her back.

It is hard decision. You are witness of something what is indeed not your business. 

Your friend's husband is cheating her. Your neighbor is beating his wife. Your cousin is hiding bottles of vodka in his room, his mother doesn't know for this. You are messenger, but messenger could be killed. If you don't say what you know, you are traitor. If you open mouth, you are snitch. 
Think about this very carefully.  Imagine yourself on this place. How much important is that unpleasant truth? He would like to hear this from you? She would like that she never knew? This moment happens only once. When you press tic toc button, there is no way back.

If you decide to talk, choose harmless way. When doctors said to their patients about cancer, they will usually say this with nice words, more symbolic, more covered with envelope of optimism. Yes, you are sick, but there are many ways to handle this. Live day by day, go step by step. Don't give up.

I had friend who liked to talk about gossips, to notify me what some people think about me. She had habit to pass me info, without thinking what will be mine reaction. I had feeling that she enjoy to tell me bad news about me. She was not tactical person. What was on her mind, next was in her mouth. Soon i was avoiding her because gossips were only what she had to say when we met.  I did not hate those people, because they were not important to me. But, i start to dislike her, because she did not think about consequences of her behavior. 

Secret is wild animal locked in the cage. 

When you open this cage, animal will runaway , you don't know how far. Some people can be ruined, also you can be involved in this story even you did not wanted this.
Every situation is different. Take care of your secret, because once when secret slip away, you are cooperator in this unpleasant story.
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