141. All i want for birthday is you

Birthday is start and end of your natal year. This is like personal New year, when you make circle between your wishes and realizations. How much you did in one year, and are you happy with your accomplishments? As my birthday is tomorrow, i love to make a line and compare my dreams with reality.

I had hard year. In this obstacles and sometimes nightmares i saw message, that i must be strong if i wish to realize my dreams and beat my inner demons. I had lot of conflicts, private and business, but i get out from this stronger. I learnt about patience in my marriage and about calmness at my workplace. I learnt about forgiveness with my friends, but also to distinguish fake from real ones. I learn to save my time and to cut of those who wish to sabotage me or to stop my progress. I learn to stay quiet when i wanted to explode. I learnt to act professional when i wanted to punch someone in face.

This bitter lessons are swallowed with nuisance, but today i can say that all happened with reason. Sister asked me which kind of gift i wish, and my husband gave me support and smile.

I will make a party with one purpose, to forget all bad what happened and to turn on new page. I know some people will not greet me or to wish me happy birthday, but i am grateful to them because it would be hypocrite act.

Why i would wish birthday wishes from my office mate when we can't stand each other? Why i would wish fake smile and gifts from those who will turn me back next day?

Life gave me the best gift. Life said, don't be whinny, wipe of your tears and bury your rivals with smile, because it fits you. Once when i lost nerves one person said to me : "You are strong lady, and tears don't fit you. So make a smile because you are the most beautiful when you smile. "
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