147. I love to hate you

Love is a strong feeling. We could write a song about love, make a music, and scales of emotions will jump up and down, from negative to positive and opposite. Love is not just positive circle filled with sun and joy, because if you enter into this circle you will see sorrow, sadness and hate, all this feelings stuck in one box.

Why we can love and hate in the same time? 

Why some love stories finish with tragedies? Romeo and Juliet ended up with death, because their love was not possible in this circumstances. Tragic love story between Maria Vetsera and Rudolf Habsburg also finished with murder in castle Mayerling. He has killed her and make suicide. She was only 17 years old.  It was official version of story, but many question stayed unanswered, because their relation was not appropriate for Habsburg monarchy.

Curiosity and challenges are party of human nature. 

Also we people love forbidden fruit. What is forbidden to us, that is exciting and desirable. Muslim guy fall in love in catholic girl, or in atheist. Old man fall in love in young woman, and mature woman fall in love in young guy. What a mess, how heart can be so stupid?
If we would fall in love accord tradition and wishes from our brain, life would be easier. Why we love someone who is so opposite from everything we used to?

Orhan fall in love in Diana when he met her in Turkey, during her business seminar. They worked on the same project. He was traditional guy and she was so wild and outside of every tradition. They started relation and it was love and hate in one package. Parents, friends, even laws, all were against them. Distance separated them and Orhan thought that he will be happier if they break up. But Diana found a way to be close with him and they win all obstacles. Even they were not ideal couple, they were fighting all the time, but they had one thing in common - they could not be far away from each other for a long time. 

Forbidden fruit is in neighborhood. Yes it is dangerous and dog can bite you. Problem is in courage and determination. 

What is important to you? 
Do you want to risk your life for love? 
Will you rather die with your love than stay alive and unhappy?
I love to hate you, but i can't be without you. 

Big passion can lead into big disaster, if you cross over this love area. Until you understood, you are already in abyss. 

You might ask yourself why you forgive things you should not forgive. Why you remember only good things, and forget bad ones. Maybe you say loud "i hate you", but indeed you mean "i love you". This passionate dilemma will hunt you if you doubt between love and hate toward person who is hurting you. Maybe he is someone who doesn't know to love, and maybe you can show him way. 

Sometimes, love will melt the coldest man. Woman in love has power in her hands, stronger than sunny rays. Which man could resist to the power of love, when her smile is something the most beautiful he ever seen ? If you walked on the way of hate until know, if you were disappointed in women gender, woman in love will make you to believe an opposite. 
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