195. Resistant couples

One day you woke up with feeling of love. Your heart is opened, people are beautiful, suddenly you greet all neighbors and you repeat the same song on CD. "I will always love you" from legend Whitney Houston. You found that perfect guy and sacred promise is that you will always love him.

At the start of every relation you don't care what your beloved do, the point is to make him happy. Butterflies in your belly, sparks around you and him and you forget that he maybe did not wash his teeth or that he could change his shirt after few days. You love all about him, even his dog who is barking at you every time when you meet him.

After some months your perspective is changing. You will not be so blind and deaf under influence of love sparks, so you will ask some things from your boyfriend. Don't be late every time when i have deal with you. Please don't talk on your cell phone when i am talking with you. Conflicts rise up from small details. Something was not bothering you before, but now you pay attention on this. Now you are under test of maturity. Yes, he said that he loves you, but did he prove this with his actions?

People are changing, life is variable line. You fall in love before 5 years in that girl, but she is not the same person now. She got 15 kilograms, her hair is different color, she doesn't wear short shirts and skirts anymore, she has problem with teeth. Time is cruel. Do you love this girl as before? Also, your boyfriend can lose hair or his muscles are not so firm anymore. 

Couples will handle this changes on various ways.

Some couples will be separated. 
No, i can' t handle this anymore. The person i loved doesn't exist.

Some couples will cheat each other. 
I don't want to leave him, but i need refreshment in my life.

Some couples will stay together. 
Ok, you can lose this kilograms with my help, not big deal. I like you as you are. Your personality is still beautiful.

It is not just about physical look. Life circumstances are different. He was poor guy, now he is rich businessman. He has bigger choice. Now he can pick girls who don't want to look at him before. He is good catch. 

She is famous and she is in different circles. Maybe you are just her obstacle now. She has career and she is travelling a lot, and she has no time for you anymore. Your interests are not the same. 

Famous couple David Beckham and Victoria Adams met in 1997. She was famous singer known as Posh Spice, from Spice girls.  He was footballer, he played for Manchester United, but in that time he was not famous. She was more popular than he was. During 17 years, things changed. They got married, now they have 4 children. David Beckham became one of the most popular footballers at world. He is also model inspiration for marketing, he is brand. Victoria is not in music world anymore, she is now fashion creator, but her husband is more popular than she is. They survived tough period, when David was cheating her with Spanish girl Rebecca and this was even on television. David ashamed Victoria in public media, but they did not divorced never. They solved their problems and together they are introduced even to British queen. 

Love is not just box full of sparks and stars. Love is much more than you can imagine. If you are ready to skip over all obstacles, to make your hands dirty, to forgive and forget, then you will get real love. Everything else is just an illusion and adventure.
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