227. Fight for your forbidden desires

Make love with feelings, appreciate your partner, what can be more beautiful? When sex and love are separated, someone will be hurt.

It is not just situation when you have sex with someone, and you don't feel nothing. You can love someone, but you don't have desires toward this person. This happens when you think that sex is dirty and love is pure.

Kemal was guy with double standards. He made simple rule in his life : dirty sex with easy women or prostitutes, and pure love with his wife, without any sexual experiments. His wife Emina was traditional, but she felt like machine for reproduction. They had four children and she was not happy in that marriage. She had problems with orgasms. She wanted to feel as desired woman, she bought sexy underwear and that day Kemal was very angry.

- What is this, red tanga and garters? If i wish to be with prostitute, i will visit brothel. I don't want to see you in this trash again.

Emina obeyed to his wishes and accepted this limitations as part of their marriage. One day she found photo of unknown young girl in his wallet. That girl was blonde, sexy and in very short dress with high heels. Her image was similar to Marilyn Monroe . Under that photo was her phone number. She was an escort. Kemal did not denied , he said that marriage is routine and that he pays for her services from time to time. After all, Kemal was businessman and he wanted to get rid of business stress. This affair doesn't mean nothing, it is not the first, but also not the last.

When our partner is cheating, there are many excuses for infidelity. 

I wanted to taste something different.
I just got bored and i wanted refreshment.
It doesn't mean nothing.
I was under stress at work.
She offered herself to me and i accepted. 

There is wrong belief that man will prove their character by cheating and using women. You are not real man if you did not use some women for sex , at least once. What, you are still having sex with your wife? So ordinary and boring. Everybody have mistress. I will have this too, i am not worse than others.

If you are seeking pleasure around you forget to work on your relation. Is it more easier to ask satisfaction on other side than to try something different with own partner? People get lazy in marriage, took their love for granted.

People are not animals to make love only for needs and reproductions. That is superficial act. Also, if you believe that women are or innocent or dirty, you don't see under surface. Your mistress can have husband too. And someone can use you for sex too. It can happen to anyone, because we are not born only for one purpose. That is just wrong view, that some women have no feelings and that they are defined as toys for pleasures. Just because woman is open minded it doesn't mean she wants only sex and nothing more. Also, if woman is religious and traditional it doesn't mean that she doesn't have personal needs and desires.

Love and making love should go together, not separated. Only on that way you can see complete woman, not just her sexy parts.Desires are something natural, not forbidden or censored. If you want to cross the line, it doesn't mean you are prostitute or escort. 
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