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255. To be or not to be?

Two choices  and you must bring only one decision. No matter if you choose between two good options, or you must choose better or worse, you need to eliminate something. Sitting on two chairs is indeed rope around your neck. You wish to have everything, but this is not possible. Someone will get hurt, and something will be on second place.

Julia was working in night club as dancer, she wanted to earn enough money for college. Daily, she was waitress. It was exhausting and not safe. She was very tired and she start to forget orders, customers at bar were angry at her because once she spilled coffee and they waited her more than half hour to bring them breakfast. She was between two jobs for a year, and everyone complained. Bags under her eyes talked more than she wanted to show. She did not want to give up until owner of night club said to her that she is done with dancing. Customers don't want to see tired face and slow motion anymore, if they wanted to see this, they would stayed at home with their wives.

It is difficult to make decision in situation "to be or not to be." Especially when both choices looks very good, and when we need something from both options. That status quo situation can crucify us inside. Also it makes negative influence on other people. They are underestimated, on ungrateful position, because everyone will expect that person will focus on him.

Sheila had lot of love in her life. Devoted husband Sean and passionate lover Ryan. Why she found lover when her husband was real gentleman, faithful and devoted to her and their little daughter? Sheila started to get bored . Her needs for passion were too strong. She wanted challenge, smell of adventure, unpredictable drama, rock in her stomach. She got it with Ryan. First it was very well balanced. Family dinner with husband, then Sheila would made some excuses about urgent appointment at doctor or hairdresser, or that her best friend needs her. Then she would jump in Ryan bed and her adrenaline was high. Soon Sean felt that she is somewhere else, that she can't focus on family. Also, Ryan noticed that she had feeling of guilt because she was often calling husband at phone, is everything all right at her home. Her choice was her curse. She chose two options, and she paid price. Husband and lover left her both.

If you change your mind constantly, if you can't decide what to do, it will affect on other people , on bad way. 

Someone will think that you consider him as fool. Nobody likes game and you can get revenge. You will feel at your own skin how is to be fooled. You wanted good for everybody, but it is not possible to please everyone.

Choices mean elimination. Someone will be rejected. It has to be like that. You sacrifice something for another thing. You have one aim, and focus on that. Think about and choose right, don't regret later, and if you regret, don't return on previous position. 

If you hesitate, you can stay without cards in your pocket. Choice is here until you have something to choose. When all possibilities disappear, you will stay out of choice. This will be abyss and you will fall there.

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