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261. Master and slave

Life will put us in situations when we will play different roles. Today we are independent, but tomorrow we can lose job and someone will take care of us. Yesterday we were poor, today we are reach . Lottery won, and you are master of universe. Wheel of fortune is spinning in unpredictable directions, so you must be flexible.

Real personality of some person comes out when he suddenly got power. There is no such Viagra as success and the best examples are some politicians. Maybe they were without basic rights in past times, but today they are worse than dictators who humiliated them during their youth. Every person would be more fair if he learn basic rule. Don't do to others anything what you did not want that they do to you. 

Keith was kind of office rat. He worked as lawyer in public service, he was one of the counselors in his department. His supervisor was woman and she treated him as slave. He was just small ant who bring her coffee and even he carried her bag when they went to some business meetings together. He was family man and his debts were big so he could not effort to leave from his workplace. It was equal to disaster, so he suffered quietly and waited for better opportunity. After 10 years, his woman boss went into retirement. New woman came on her place and Keith used this chance to talk about his problems, about mobbing and his small salary. He wanted promotion and he got it. Few months later his subordinate complained at him. He was real dictator, he corrected even the smallest mistakes in documents, he reported people if they get late on work even just 5 minutes. The top was when he started to yell on young girl who accidentally spill coffee on his desk. She left his office with tears in her eyes.

What doesn't kill you might create you as killer. 

Sometimes, we swallow injustice and unfair acts from others. We can't complain because there is no exit. Then, things are changing, we grab our chance to revenge. What when we get revenge to innocent people, because we want that someone pay ? Don't do to others the same things which were done to you. Forget this and try to be better to others, just because you know how you felt humiliated and underestimated. You can be king with crown, not with sword in your hands.

If we will torch someone on the same way , sooner or later we will pay price. Some people are in top position, but success is not stable thing. There will always be changes on the top. Today you have big office and big salary, maybe you have villa or private plane, but tomorrow you can sit in prison and your roommate will wake you up with knife on your neck. 

Every cruelty has a message. 

You were so strong character that you handle all this and survived. You can survive bullying, mobbing, abusing and all kinds of bad treatments. Now you can do much easier task, to be nice and kind to others. On this way you will show your previous abusers that they did not manage in their intentions, they did not break you. You learnt from the worst and now you are the best.
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