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Your friend is a rat

This guy will firmly shake your hand. He is here when you are in trouble or when you wish to celebrate, you can count on him in all fields of life. Real friends are miracle because they will be here when you break up your relation, when you get divorce or if you have financial debts. As much real friend makes your life easier, fake friend will get troubles into it.

The beauty of friendship is in avoiding all differences. People with different statuses, from another cultures, religions and races are the best friends, there are many examples where nothing of that can't separate people to associate together.

Question about religion, various languages, traditions and habits will never make such abyss as disrespect, dishonor and disloyalty. You can find yourself in situation when you will choose between self respect and friendship with certain person.

Let me introduce you this guy. His name is Luke and he is mechanic. He works with cars when he is sober, which is not often. He likes alcohol and his flat is full of empty bottles. He was party monster and he had much friends during his youth. Everybody liked to visit his parties to get drunk. Luke was champion, and nobody could drink more beer than he was. As time was passing by, his friends found girlfriends and jobs, so he was not hanging out with them too often. They were busy with daily obligations, so his friendships start to crack. Soon he had only few contacts, because they were avoiding him. Nobody wanted to be in situation to get embarrassed from drunker Luke.

It was summer and open air festival in his city, near lake. Luke was walking with beer in his hand and suddenly noticed his ex neighbor Zoe. She moved in another city because of work. Weekend was her time to visit parents and friends. Luke joined to Zoe on the table. She was not alone, but she felt sorry for this guy because everyone avoided him. Luke was drunk as usual and he noticed that Zoe has very pretty friends. They were her colleagues from workplace. Two blondes, Sarah and Ivy, girls with awesome smile and short skirts. Luke was offering beer, but they ignored him.

- Dear, your boobs are so big. Which number of bra you wear? Let me guess your size. You remind me on Pamela Anderson. But, your tits are real, isn't it?

It was very unpleasant moment and Zoe wished to vanish from this situation. She politely asked Luke to go away from them. He took his big glass of beer to make a toast and suddenly all fluid spill over the table. Girls were furious and left Zoe alone to deal with him.

Next morning Zoe visited Sarah in her office to apologize.

- I understand you my dear, but excuse me, i don't want to go out with you if your friend will join to us. He ruined my new blouse. It was expensive and now is totally ruined, black beer on white silk doesn't look good. 

- I will give you money, i am so sorry, i had no idea that he could do something like this. Or, maybe i was too pity for him. 

Sarah was angry few days and later she accepted apology. Zoe never talked with Luke anymore. She gave him hand when nobody else did, and it was his thanks to her. He used opportunity to play role of idiot once again.

Sometimes our heart is too soft. We forgive other's mistakes and even pay from own pocket. 

Bad acts should not be forgotten. If you forgive someone who did not deserve this, he will hurt you again, and also he will hurt collateral victims. That damage is as flood , spreading on places where you did not expect that.

Rat friend is not good choice. He will cut your good connections with the rest of the world. It is better to be a cat and eat him, than to give him slice of cheese. 
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