266. Be careful what you wish

If i could be rich, to swim in big amount of money, i would be so happy. I wish to have perfect body that i can seduce every man. I wish to marry for the most beautiful woman. That are some of expressions inside of us, when we dream about better life. We know that some of our dreams will never be true because they are based on illusions. 
What happens when we are not ready to realization of our wishes? Sometimes destiny brings us surprises. Magic finger of miracle is here. Our personal ghost Alladin gives us what we waited for. 

Celeste and Liam lived in the same house with his mother. They had also two children, boy and girl. Celeste could not stand her mother in law. She was busybody and poked her nose in everything. No matter about education of kids or lunch meal, Celeste always got critics from her side. So she was bad mother, she did not learnt to cook well, she could not care for garden around the house. The only good thing was, her mother in law had much money. Celeste sometimes closed her eyes and wished her death. 
One day she got heart attack. She died in the way to hospital. Suddenly, Celeste got what she wanted. Her mother in law from hell was dead. Soon, she and husband faced with big debts. They had no idea that woman did not left them money, all inheritance except house was in the hands of her other son Matthew. Celeste did not have job and it was financial shock. Also, children loved their grandma and they used on her presence. Now Celeste wished that all was like before, but there was no possibility for way back. 

When we create vision of something, we must think how much we are ready for change. Also, we should be aware of consequences of our wishes. Let's prepare for surprises. Is that really true, that after we get rich, all things will come on their place?

Rick won big money on roulette in local casino. He was single and he lived in small flat before luck knocked on his door. When he won, he get drunk, and all his friends got drinks in that name. Suddenly very pretty girls start to run for Rick and he involved with one of them. She spent much of his money and left him after he denied to buy her expensive purse. Rick had big problem to get rid of fake people from his life, he did not know who are his real friends. Also, he bought new alarm system because his house was on the target of burglars. One of them broke bottle on Rick's head during the trespass. Rick finished as patient  in hospital.

We want something and even just a thought about desirable thing or person is exciting. 

Wow, what will happen if i go to plastic surgery to make big breasts? What if that guy invite me on date? If we have wishes, the biggest mistake is our superficial view.

Do we know what is behind our wish? Can we deal with this as mature people? If we are able to look on our visions from all angles, if we can predict our directions, we are ready to catch our dream. It is like to buy lamp and give instruction to our ghost Alladin. Let my wish become true, but i will give you tips how and when. 

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