306. Get off from my back

In personal relations i have one golden rule : don't push yourself where you are not invited. So if i see that person has no friendly or romantic interest on me, i will back off. I think that is matter of manners, why to follow someone who doesn't want me near him? I could give a hint or to ask for a reasons, but in generally i will accept others choices.

The same is from my side, i never liked clingy persons. It was for me parasite man, someone who doesn't understand word no. When someone insist to be near me, i could act aggressive and this mean person pressed my rude button. So question about my kindness or politeness is not necessary, i know what i want and what i don't want.

There is a difference between persistent person and clingy parasite. If you wish that someone notice you, no matter is this business, love or friendship, you will be persistent on a way to prove your values, to show that you are worthy, but from distance. 

Sarah wanted that job and few times she got rejection. Then she wear her best suit and on next interview she was self confident and optimistic. When she got question what is her weak side, she replied : "I don't have weakness, i just do mistakes and later i correct my failures by myself." It was good answer for her employer, she got a job.

For sure everyone of you will remember parasite people from childhood, school days or later in business circles. Those people are always on your back, they will be deaf when you said clearly you don't want their presence and even they could be vindictive. They will force you on unpleasant acts. Andrea wanted to be alone with her boyfriend, but her best friend Beata was always with them, because she felt alone. Once Andrea had deal with him to go into the cinema. She was ready, and Beata ring on her door.

- Where are you going dear? I wanted to invite you and your boyfriend on pizza. I made it.
- Sorry but we have other plans, we want to go into cinema.
- Oh great, so i will go with you too. I was not there for a years.
- No you can't go, i want to be alone with him.

Beata was disappointed and angry, how Andrea could hurt her like that, after all what she did for her? She got offended. She did not understand that she is simply disturbing to them.

What are signs that you are not desirable, and that you will not be invited?

Person will make excuses when you ask for an appointment. Oh i can't now, i have other plans, my relatives are coming, another time.

Person will say that she forgot to invite you. How someone can forgot you if you mean something to them?

Person will say that there is no place for you. Well, i thought you did not like it that party. Mostly, there are people you can't stand. So i did not invite you.

When you ask for invitation, person start to delay with answer. Oh well, i don't know..i will tell you later.

There are places, parties or events we wish to be invited. We will feel disappointment because we wanted to be there. We wanted to be part of some social circles, but someone skipped our wishes. If you refuse business offer, that will be polite. Business letter or email will be something like this "Thank you for your kind request, but nowadays i have no possibilities to join to your project. Your offer was very generous, so i hope in future i could reconsider that. With regards." Every normal person will understand why you can't accept something or why you rejected them.

Parasites are usually deaf, limited and selfish people. They will jump out from every corner, with clear vision to grab what they wish. If they see thumbs down, they will be angry and furious. They don't leave you much options, so at the end of nerves with them you will say : "Get off from my back."

In life, you can't get everything what you wish, no matter how hard you try. Also, if you are too long in one place and your attempts are failed, try to focus on other area. What is wrong for one person, it will be right for others. These people wish to get rid of you, but on another places you will be accepted with pleasure.