307. Do you learn from previous experiences?

Perception is changing during years and accord that our attitude will be shaped different than before. We are growing and maturity is at the door after we learn from mistakes. How much time you remember your crazy adventures and how you look at this now? You had painful experience in youth but now it seems so funny and unworthy of tears?

Ellen was in love with Shane, guy from her neighborhood. They were together from time to time, and it was not classical date or relation. Simply she would appear in night club at Saturday and waiting for him to come there after midnight. Then they were kissing, and at the end of night he would drive his friends, and Ellen went home alone. When her girls asked her how long they are together, she used to say " ten Saturdays." It was topics for jokes, but Ellen indeed suffered because of his idiocy. It was hard to break relation which indeed doesn't exist. Her friend Isabel asked her "Do you know how much girls he was dating during week?" Ellen lived her life for Saturdays, to feel his lips and breath on her neck. When she had sex in his car, things were out of control. She was blind and humiliated because next day he saw Shane at coffee bar with blonde girl, they were smiling and whispering and Shane pretended that he did not see Ellen.

Few years later , after she was engaged with her new boyfriend, Ellen met Shane on the street. He started to talk with her, and every second word was filthy. "Damn, you look so fucking good. Babe, you are piece of meat, how i wish to fuck you now as before." Ellen was shocked , but not with his behavior. She asked herself, how could she fall in love in such man? She laughed to him and said: "I wish i have Alzheimer to forget these days. Bye dear, you are jerk." 

Sometimes, we will consider ourselves as stupid, with statements " how could i do this?" or "i was a fool". 

Especially if we pay big price for our failures, we could feel depth of our mistakes. If you can turn back time, with this experience, could you do the same? We can't turn back time, but we can use this experience to move forward. 

Now you are not silly little girl as before. You are not stupid kid who can believe in everything what other say or promise to you. You will smile to past, the same situation which made you cry will be source of your joy today.