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Why people create fake profiles at the internet?

Did you imagine that you are someone else, to live different and better life than is yours? Other's skin is more attractive when we realize that life is not so nice as we expected. We can't be born again, but we can create fake profile at social networks and pretend that we are someone else.

I believe that everyone of you met with fake people around net every day. How many users are introducing themselves as actors, models, singers or writers? How many people use pictures which are not theirs? And how many of them use fake name to cover their identity?

If you think that is easy to discover fake profile, you are wrong. Even if on photo is famous person, you can't prove that is not real. For example, in my city is popular handsome rock singer Karlo, and someone can use his photo as profile picture. People in Croatia will know about his rock band "Chocolate nipples", but what is with people from Pakistan, India or France? They will not have clue who is he and they will believe that under his photo is ordinary guy who likes to play guitar. 

Before you call someone as fake, it is very important to check the facts. Sometimes, people will use avatars for a reason. We are not obligated to reveal all personal info about our workplace, ages, state or to show our address and mobile phone number. If you are too open to everyone, you are naive person. People are not angels, and if you capture someone's eye, person might search for you to meet you, even if you don't want this. That is why social networks have rules, and it is recommended that we don't reveal every detail of our personal life. You can find your favorite friends and share info in private albums or in messages, just for them. Other people will know basic things about you. Besides, i am personally not interested about other's privacy. I made conclusion about others accord their expression of words, behavior on internet and conversation with me. I don't make judgments accord some photos or nice descriptions about someone. Everyone will talk nice about himself, but act could prove opposite. 

For example, what kind of conclusion would you get about this sentence? Let's call this person as XY. That XY wrote this message: " Hello, i am country singer from Texas. Please like my page, recommend my albums to your friends and share on your page. Also join to me on you tube channel.  Also like page of my friend, he is also country singer. "  I would say that person is annoying, selfish creature who expect from others to lick his ass. That message, as intro in friendship with him is just a request from him, he doesn't offer anything for return. So, when i said i am not interested, he said : "You are so rude." What is indeed rude, is his fake kindness and desperate attempt to promote himself. So, even his photo is maybe real, his manners are fake and real personality is hidden between lines.

If you don't want to show your photo in social network, that is not crime. You have personal reasons so it is your choice. But, if you post photo of other person as your profile photo, you are liar. Once famous photograph Lupino got his imitator, he made fake page to represent himself as Lupino. Naive girls sent their erotic , seductive photos to "Lupino", until that fraud was exposed. It is easy to fall in the trap, especially if you believe in nice words and fake promises.

Why people create fake profiles?

They want to get something from others. As real person, you will not get so much attention. But, if you represent yourself as model, you will have full inbox.

They want to hide something what is not so nice. Guy with ugly face will try to make more success with girls, if he don't show his real photo. He needs time to capture attention with his behavior, and his photo would ruin this attempts.

They want to be young again. Youth is attractive period, and if you fool others around that you are young woman or young guy, you will have young friends. 

As in every kind of lie, everything has beginning and end. Fake profiles could be exposed , sooner or later. Enough that you said "open camera please." If that guy or girl delay or create excuses toward you, they are hiding something. It depends how much you will be hurt. If that person is someone who is close to you, someone you even fall in love, that will be smack to your trust. You are betrayed, because you had different vision of person. 

We are not obligated to open cameras or share trust with everyone in internet. Once when you made kind of relation in virtual space, you will go step far and open camera , and if you are fooling people, you will dig your own grave. How you will explain that you are liar? Some people will escape , delete their pages or open another, when they find new victims for their actions. Virtual space is indeed place for carnival. Many masks will fall down. Sometimes, people will send alerts around to warn their friends about fake models or fake singers. We need to protect the truth, and throw out from our circles those who abuse our trust.
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