315. Don Juan is online

Every person has two personalities, one for himself, other for the rest of the world. There are things we wish to hide from others because they would laugh to us. Also, we want to represent our best parts and abilities in a way that others see us as perfect. Mature person will win this internal conflict and with years, she will found out that is not important to be perfect, it is more important to find someone who will like our imperfections. Our strength is in ability to create circle of people who will understand us. The same in love, we will face it with many frogs until we kiss the prince. This prince or princess is not creature from fairy tale. That is person with qualities which are special for us.

Igor lives in Ljubljana, in Slovenia. He is unlucky in love. His longest relations last about three months. In generally, girls run from him. He is not ugly, he has green eyes , nice smile , average body and deep sexy voice, so he should have girlfriend. He is still single in his real life. This situation is changing when he turns on his computer. He is virtual playboy. 

Before five years Igor realized that he has kind of magnet in virtual networks. Various women from various countries fall in love in him. That women are pretty, smart, even successful in their business. So Igor breaks many hearts and even women were arguing because of him. Igor is like male Cinderella. He is shining until midnight, but after this virtual affairs he is again poor boy , lonely and hungry for love. Igor asked all his virtual women just one question: "Will you go in Slovenia to visit me?" All women laughed and say no.

As he lives in fairy tale in virtual world, he missed to see obvious things. He is so passive and he is not able to do nothing for woman. He expect that woman has car to drive him when he wants to go out. He wish that woman pays dinner for him. He also expect gorgeous and sexy woman who will earn big money and let him to be with other women when he start to get bored with him. All girls in his city read him. He is spoiled brat. His mother was so angry that one day she turned off his internet cable.

"Are you normal? Go to get marry, you are already 29."

Igor can't realize why he can't keep woman in relation. That virtual women would do everything for him. He saw some of them naked on camera, they send him love letters and talks romantic with him. He doesn't understand what is behind camera, that every of them has boyfriend, husband or even children and that he has no clue who are they indeed. They are lost in virtual world because they get bored or they need to find refreshment from their daily routine.

Anyone might be virtual playboy. You don't need to go out with women and pay her dinner. You don't need to touch her or to make plans for future. Also women will show their best photos so you will never see their casual edition, you will not feel sweat or bad breath. Virtual world is fairy tale until it gets real. Some people will get lost there as in dark forest, without idea how to find way out.

It is easier to see things perfect, without mistakes. It is easier to listen sweet words than normal conversation with critics or insults. Also, it is very easy to delete or block someone when you disagree with that person.

Reality is much harder. You need to wake up after night with failures. Yesterday someone laughed to you and today you need to look her or him into eyes. You need to get up after fall and to stand up after lost battle.

Some men acts like kids when their mother finished to read story for good night. "Is it already over? And what happened to golden hair princess?" In modern version it sounds as: "Is she online tonight?"