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Did you cheat your partner on the internet?

How many times you smiled to someone who is not your husband? Did you feel sparks when you talked with attractive man at work or with stranger you met in the train? Handsome photo on internet profile occupied your attention?

If you reply yes on all these question, you are welcome in the dark zone of passion. People will talk about infidelity, judge or pity others, but many should questioning themselves, how far they go in some moments. Special kind of infidelity is cheating in virtual space. 

First question is: virtual infidelity is really cheating or only imagination in your head?

If you think in technical sense, virtual flirt is not real cheating. You can't touch or kiss person, you are not going on date with them and sometimes you can't even see them or hear them voice. That is why some people were misguided before web cameras, because sweet words from fake lovers were poison for fragile and weak hearts. Even today you can sell someone story about your life, with fake photo on avatar, if person is enough naive to believe you. I don't justify or judge virtual infidelity, because this can happen to anyone in some circumstances. The main problem are reactions of your partner.

This is gradation of one virtual infidelity.

10 degrees - you are sending messages to handsome guy from internet

15 degrees - your messages are romantic and full of sweet words

20 degrees - you opened camera to this guy

30 degrees - you kissed on camera

40 degrees - you were naked on camera for him

50 degrees - you did virtual masturbation

100 degrees - you meet with him in reality on date

120 degrees - you kissed with him for real

150 degrees - you made love with him for real

Relations or marriages are not without problems. You can't say, someone cheated because there was not enough love. Sometimes, you can love someone for real, but circumstances will make you curious and you will cross your limits. If your husband or wife are passive, busy, grumpy with times or without interest for passion, you will try to find this in other space. Nowadays, this space is internet. You will have good apology if you find lover from another country, because possibilities that you meet with him are not big, and your real marriage is safe. Also, this flirt will refresh your relation and maybe old sparks will shine again after your new experience.

Virtual flirt is infidelity in emotional sense. Even you can't touch or kiss person, you let someone else in your mind and heart. You are spending your time with him, and more times you spend with him, less you will spend with your real partner. Love will find their expression even in virtual space, so reactions will be the same as in reality. Also your heart is beating faster when this person send you message, you lose your breath, you are blushing or simply you are confused. Your daily obligations will suffer so if you forget that you have business meeting because guy send you message, you are busted in this transparent network. 

What kind of reactions you can expect from your partner?

He could leave you. Some men will not tolerate even innocent messages so they will leave without discussion.

He will give you an ultimatum. Stop with this or we will break up.

He will be indifferent, but with alert. This is only your computer and i am not afraid of this. But if you meet with this guy alive, go away from me.

He can do the same with other woman, because if you let it to yourself, he can do it too. 

Every kind of infidelity has beginning and the end. When you start this, you must be aware that you will sacrifice something and that things will never be the same. You will leave from this relation to keep safe your real life, or you will give up from your reality to catch your dream from virtual world. 

Sally met Richard online while both were married. She was from USA, and he was from United Kingdom. They were in virtual relation 2 years, and their marriages were full of problems. At the end, wife of Richard asked divorce, because he was like zombie, all the time on computer, never available for her when she needed him. Sally has traveled in Europe just to meet her lover and they realized how perfect match they are. Their infidelity became reality, but they paid price for this.

Virtual affair could be defined as small stain in your dress. You did not notice this stain until you did not wear dress. Later you try to wash it, but stain is spreading and it is bigger now. You will throw your dress into garbage or you wear this as it is. 

Today you will restart your computer for faster connection because this handsome guy is there. Do you think you should answer on his message until your husband is making dinner?
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