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Can you stay faithful to your partner?

Butterflies in your belly, feeling of dizziness, and you dream with open eyes. What happens when you see person who is subject of your desires daily and nightly? If you could be experimental rat, scientists would make amazing result how your body tremble and heart is beating like crazy. This situation has special meaning when you wish someone who is forbidden to you because you are not single.

Many will judge women who have lovers and men who cheated their wives until the same happens to them. Some will resist to sweet temptations in a way to choose middle solution, how to keep their sweet dream and not to ruin their reality. Temptations are part of our life, and in this case you need Libra to make balance what is good for you, and what can damage or even destroy your reality.

When couples talk that they never wanted another person for a 20 or more years, they lie. You will go on summer holidays with wife and look at the beach other sexy women in swimsuit. Also you will work and notice some handsome business men at meetings. This is normal that another person captures your eyes.

What happens when your temptation turn into attempt?

Sarah and Adrian were couple for a 12 years. They went on vacation in Ibiza, famous place with parties and night clubs. Both were drinking, and soon Adrian went into toilet. Sarah was waiting for him in the corner of the club. She had short black dress and her appearance was very sexy. Soon one young guy approached to her and started to talk. He offered her cocktail and Sarah accepted, because guy was handsome. In this 15 minutes they were dancing and kissing, because Sarah was drunk. When Adrian came back from toilet and saw that scene he was so furious. He pushed that rude guy and they started to fight. Adrian fall on the back and Sarah was terrified. She suddenly woke up, took his hand and walked out. Adrian had pains, and Sarah felt so guilty and ashamed.

Adrian said to her : "12 years of relation and you are doing this. Are you normal? Guy could fuck you just like that."

Sarah was crying but next day she realized what is important to her. Adrian forgive her this little affair , but yet she felt as bad girl. His reaction hit her into heart, because Adrian shown  how much weak is she. 

Temptations are demons with colored wings. They are flying above our heads and make promises, that all will be better . We will enjoy without paying price, because life is just once and life is short and so on. So let's take a pleasure.

Before you decide for an affair, think about next:

Will that person call you tomorrow?
Is your relation worthy of sacrifice?
If you lose your husband or wife, will your lover wait for you to take their places?

These are just practical questions, and we should predict or calculate what will happen. If you want to break relation, if you feel bad in your marriage, then is not important. Result is zero.

In the case that you have good relation or good marriage, you can lose a lot because you did not have control and you let yourself to stuck into passionate trap.

Cheating is a roulette. Choose red or black, in both cases you take a big risk.

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