350. Criticism - magic stick with two sides

Once upon a long time Brian played in sand with his little friend Ross. For half hour he came home, with face full of tears. Mother asked him what happened.
Brian said: "He said to me that i am jerk and that my father is an asshole." Mother gave him smile and replied: "Oh my dear, during life you will hear many insults, but you can't cry just like that. You know, boys don't cry for every harsh joke."

Rage, sadness, fury are expression of human frustrations. Life is not fairy tale, people are not angels and they are not flying around with flowers and good wishes. People wish to hurt you, tease you, mock you, because this is part of human nature. 

What is source of criticism ?

Someone wants to compete with you so he will provoke you.

Someone is envious so he will tease you to forget his problems.

Your actions hurt someone so he try to fight back.

Someone get bored so he will make jokes to kill his time.

Someone simply doesn't like you.

Critics are not always in bad intentions, sometimes this is constructive way to show someone that something is not good. If your good friend , parents or relatives criticize you, it doesn't mean that they hate you. They want to show you their perspective and to warn you what is wrong with your actions. If your partner is nagging you, he or she are asks for attention. Good critic will upgrade your relation or push you to make progress even if you did not wish this. Sometimes, someone needs to pinch you, just to do things better. Good coach will criticize their players because that is part of sport. Good mother will warn their kids what is wrong. It is not good if someone just melts in your presence. Sweet words are nice, but not always useful.

Critic is killer of ego. Oh why me, i believed that i am perfect. Who the hell dare to talk with me like this? After this happens, people will react differently.

Consequences of criticism are visible in this examples:

Bad worker will try harder if his boss criticize him.

Wild child will be calmer after his mother yells on him.

Your husband will clean his room finally.

It is not always so bright, so some people are stubborn as donkeys. They will make step back, because critics kills their self confidence and self respect. So, now they are more lazy than before , more passive, because at least, they are not worthy, so why they should bother?

Critic is kind of needle. It pains so after this you will sleep or move on. Also this is good test for your character. If one critic can kill you, you are chicken. If not, stand up and fight, so other side must watch out.
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