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352. Boys don't cry

When we talk about feelings, this is sensitive area, because by default we will think about women who cry or lose nerves under breakdown. Man has duty to be calm, firm and to offer his shoulder for fragile lady, when she can't carry her burden alone. Accord to that, man should not cry or show too much feelings, because he could be considered as pussy or gay, to be mocked and teased by other , strong dudes. That is unwritten rule of society, men are not weak, emotional and sensitive, because this is benefit by women. Men will go into army to defend their countries in the case of war, they will work at hard jobs, and women will wait them with warm meal , kiss and hug. When this testosteron jump out, it will be more than one woman to give them comfort, because such Superman will attract whole group in his shelter.

Extremities are not good so every guy who swallow his feelings will sooner or later break on pieces. Death of family member, loss of job, divorce, problems with kids, this situation are not easy to handle without tears. Every man who said that he never cried, lie. As in every emotional situation, i think such expression needs dignity. How much you show to others, you will get from others, and if you turn into crying pest, you will get an opposite effect.

Owen and Valerie were dating for a few months. First she was fascinated by his tenderness, when he brought roses on first date . They were watching "The bodyguard" , movie which no one from previous boyfriends did not want to see. With time, Valerie realized that Owen is somehow weird guy. He was so sensitive that she could not say harsh word , and he already got offended. Once she said to him "you are getting on my nerves, stop act like pussy", and he refused to talk with her few days. Her friends started to tease her that she is dating with princess. Owen got that nickname because of his sensitivity. Valerie lost her nerves when unknown guy in the club touched her butt. She complaint to Owen , and he said "I can't fight with him, he could break my nose." She felt as stronger part of this relation , and she realized that she will always stand alone in her beliefs. So she left him.

It is not forbidden that guys go to shopping, listen romantic songs, buying flowers or cry. There is a catch, so guy who want to attract women must show his masculine side. We women must know that in the case of conflict our man will not break, that we are not holding delicate flower . We wish to talk and deal with real men. 

Today society offers some strange version of men, as model Andrej Pejić , and if woman talk about man as Sylvester Stallone or Clint Eastwood she could be considered as old fashioned. Is that side effect of feminism, that we start to lose real men, because strong alpha women took their places?

When father told to son " don't cry", it doesn't mean that he could never show tears. 

That means , use power when you deal with life. We can see in virtual places, as twitter, Facebook and google plus some guys who cry for love, who write " i ask for love, nobody loves me", and i am asking you, is that positive, is that desirable? I think any normal lady will runaway from desperate guy, because once when such loser gets love, he will choke his beloved sweetheart in so tight hug that she will wish to vanish. 

I think many women will agree with me which men to choose. Would you pick a guy who is calling you every day or sending bunch of messages to spam your email, or you would pick someone balanced, who will surprise you and seduce you slowly? 

Boris and Dario have Facebook profiles. They are friends, but with various preferences. Boris uploaded photos with arms in bandage, when he wished to cut his wrists. Of course, women run from him. Dario has photos from journeys, parties, business seminars, and his inbox is full of messages from curious women. 

Pride, dignity and honor are connected into unbreakable harmony. When real men cry, they don't lose pride, they handle situation with dignity and they are honored by support of others. 
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