364. How we take others for granted?

Happiness is double sided value. We often can't recognize until we have it, or we don't appreciate what we have, until it's gone. Once, when that precious treasure gone from us, we will sit and cry, try to get it back because only then we realize real value.

Did you have great friend, but you use him as toy? Did you have good job but you did not appreciate your position enough? Also, did you make a fool from your beloved partner, even he or she did everything for you? When you take someone for granted, you will get paycheck later, with the biggest price you ever seen. 

Edith was example of good wife. She woke up early to prepare breakfast for his husband Anthony, she was ironing his suits for business trips, and their house was clean as drugstore. Anthony did not appreciate her as he should. He was travelling a lot and his company was sexy secretary Jane. All people bragged about his affair, also Edith knew, but she believed that he will change. One day Edith got visit, from her best friend Carol, from Australia. They did not see each other a long time ago. Carol was sales manager, and she had business offer for Edith, to work for her as assistant. Edith was educated, but she left her career because of marriage and kids. After Edith read newspaper and saw Anthony with Jane on business meeting, how they smile and hold their hands, she brought decision. She accepted business offer and move in another city, together with kids, when Anthony was still on business trip. Carol offered her flat for rent and new life. When Anthony returned and saw empty flat, he was desperate. He did calls to beg his wife, to come back. She did not replied, and Anthony is still trying.

What is the point? When we play with other feelings, are we culprits?

Maybe other people are not strong enough to show us that we are wrong. Maybe we know, deep inside us, that we will always get forgiveness, despite of our rudeness. "Oh yes she loves me so i can do what i want. "

We should be careful with people who love us too much

Everyone, even the biggest fool, will have limits. Once, when you cross that limits, you are on empty space. You can't pass into wire fence anymore. What is worse, it is hard to find such good person again. When you kick the dog, he will bite you. If you don't hold and care the treasure, you will get stones. 

If you are not aware of your happiness, it is hard to prove you an opposite. You will realize when will be too late.