365. Medicine for broken heart

Broken heart is often result of bad relations. When something doesn't work out on time, we will end up disappointed and hurt. Then we will say "My heart is broken. " Feeling of grief, sadness, despair will rule with us, and we will think even about suicide, or just to vanish from reality. If you look this on other way, this broken heart is your lesson. You were on wrong path and now you need to get back on the right road.

There are many ways to heal broken heart after this love disaster. I wish to make difference between bad and good ways, because if you choose bad way, you will not recover, or you can feel even much worse.

Bad ways are in black category.

Sex with another man. 

Big mistake. You will not get over ex boyfriend, and this guy will think that you are easy.

Drinking alcohol until you fall down.

Also bad. You can be embarrassed and create new problems.

Fighting with his present girlfriend.

He left you, so she is not fault for this.

Try to hurt him physically.

If you slap your ex boyfriend, you will just prove that he brought right decision.

Lucky, here are some good ways, which will work out with some patience.

Go to shopping and buy something nice for you.

Travel in another city, or in another country.

Work hard, it will clean your mind and prepare you for new challenges.

Talk with your best friends. They have advice for you.

Sometimes it happens, that guy who left you suddenly wants to get back to you, when you forget him already. 

This decision is tough, because if you accept him again you will be on the same place as before. Then he needs to give you guarantees that will not happen again, or you just should not accept him. Reunions are based on doubts, so it is easier to find new partner than to give another chance for someone who already ruined your feelings.

We are bloody under skin, and someone who hurt you will be broken by someone else. 

This is chain reaction, so watch out and smile if you will be lucky to see that. For every successful relation, you need to love yourself first. This is as cancer on first stage, cut unhealthy material , because you will be dead if this spreads around.