372. Doctor Time

There is saying that time is the best doctor. Every open wound will heal with time, but it doesn't mean that we will forget what happened. We will learn how to handle this scar and how to accept our loss. If we talk about love, everyone of us had some unhappy love stories or discarded love which never happened. If you remember this as your personal failure, your self confidence is damaged and you feel frozen.

Remember your past breakups, tears and nightmares. Remember your broken heart.

How Doctor Time really works?

Your pain will fade with time. It means, you don't have to force yourself to forget. One day you will have blank memories on this sad event.

You will see person who hurt you with real eyes. Often, when we fall in love, we see our beloved with eyes of love. You have no ability to see that your prince charming is jerk or idiot, because you love him. When your feelings are not so strong, then you will see his real face.

You will start to love yourself. Maybe you hated yourself in the past, maybe you thought that you deserve such pain. Now, you will realize that you deserve the best.

You will make space for new joy in your life. Time is not waiting. Day by day, you will meet new people, new opportunities will knock at your door. Someone will capture your eye, and then your heart will open slowly. 

You will look back with regret, not because someone hurt you. You will regret for wasted moments. This time, which you spent in tears, you should use in other purposes, but you can't get it back now.

When Patricia and Laurent broke up, she was devastated person. She was not able to learn for exams, she visited shrink and her room was locked for visitors. Her parents were so worried but they could not help her. She was listening Joy Division "Love will tears apart" and it was only sign that she is still alive. Then she had last deadline for exam, it could cost her a year at college. She squeezed teeth and passed this exam. Again, she started to believe in herself. After six month, when she met Laurent in the street, she was able to talk with him. He was passenger as everybody else. Even she told him that she is in rush. It was closed chapter in her life and she throw away big burden from her heart.

Time doesn't allow compromises. You will stay frozen or you will move on. There is no middle solution, and good news are that you can choose.