394. When you fly too high

She was born lucky, or he was born under lucky star. They are protected by angels or God's will. When people talk about successful people, they will mention high forces or higher authorities , as key of other's success. 
That is true that some people are more lucky than others, but in general nobody can't progress if he leans only on luck. Wheel of fortune is variable and cruel, so today you are businessman, tomorrow you will be beggar.

Ex Miss of Croatia, Fani Čapalija, was very successful in international event, she got fourth place at Miss World competition in 1993.  She had very stupid reply on question about representing girls in swimsuit on the stage, she just said "It's ok". She was remembered by this in South Africa. Later, she had failure marriage with football player Ivica Mornar and after that nobody heard for her. She backup from public life, even her beauty was great potential for modelling. Simply, she did not swim good in this sea of success.

Crucial question is, why some people are progressing, and others not, even odds were on their side?

Let's call this person Mister Loss.

Mister Loss will respect authorities too much. He is impressed as Croatian football team in Brasil. So, of course, they lost football match.

Mister Loss leans on good luck, but he forgot that luck is a whore. 

Mister Loss is not stable, and he is too much exposed to external influences. For example, this person will drink as Lindsay Lohan, take drugs and pills, and he will drown deeper and deeper.

Mister Loss has no patience. If success doesn't come over night, he will give up.

Mister Loss is changing strategies. Let's go this golden cow to give milk, don't change your best player too soon. While you are progressing, stick on your safe way.

Mister Loss will copy other style. That is bad step, because everybody saw this already, with better original.

Miss Fani Čapalija tried as business woman, with swimsuits line called "It's ok", as her fashion brand. It did not work out as she expected. Today she live alone with her dog and she remembers good days. Even this beautiful woman had all cards in her hands, she did not play well. 

When someone fade fast, people will say "he slept on laurels." He had everything and he thought that will last forever. When he woke up, it was already too late.