384. A man's world

What is more sexy than strong, dominant couple? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Carla Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are examples of progressive couples, with independent attitude, but strongly connected together. They are not competition to each other, there is no jealousy on popularity, also they are not so innocent and faithful, but all their failures made perfect combination, so they understand mutual disadvantages.

Marilyn Monroe once said : "I don't mind to live in men world, as long i can be woman there." That means, i don't need to drive truck or to cut my hair, but i want to express my female ideas and i wish acceptance of my views and opinions. Unfortunately, remains of old systems exists now days too, so sometimes women will feel as part of harem in Otoman emperor, when they are surrounded by men majority.

Dominant men are not realization of Stan Kowalski, who will beat desk with his fists and yell on poor wife Stella in movie "Tram called desire". 

What is real dominant man, and when women will consider him as sexy?

Man with manners. Manners are hot thing, because when man makes you important and when you can feel as lady, you will feel special. When we women feel special, we are ready for all.

Man who knows what he wants. This will include eliminations of things which he doesn't want, but you know where you are standing with him.

Man who respect his mother, colleagues, sister, female friends. If he respects them, he will respect you too.

Man who knows to apologize and to forgive. That means his soul is greater than his ego.

Man who ask you about your wishes and needs and who will listen you while you are talking. Nothing is more turn off than man who stare in his cell phone or television when you explain to him why you are depressed these days.

Some guys have wrong thinking about what makes them men. Especially if they are immature or inexperienced, or too young, they will think that real man is someone as Hulk or Johnny Bravo. Such perception is just an inheritance from their parents, or society where they live.

See how should men world look like, in visions of some primitive men.

When man woke up, woman should serve him breakfast. House must be clean, without piece of dust. Woman must smile because man doesn't want to see grumpy face. She can't complain, because he has no time to listen to her. Also, she should be silent, because dog is barking, and woman is not here to talk and bark, she is here to listen to her husband. When husband wish, she will talk, but without swearing, and she will confirm his opinion. It is desirable that woman is not too educated, because man is the one who knows all, and with too much education woman can't find husband. Knowledge is man business. If man is unfaithful, this is call of mother nature, because men cannot be pleased with just one woman. His wife should forgive him and understand him. Also, if woman is unfaithful, she needs kick in the ass. There is no forgiveness for her act and she is a whore. Woman should be mother, because if woman has no children, she is unworthy, devilish and bitchy. 

Now days Stanley Kowalski is reborn, between some guys who regret for old times. The problem is, what when Stanley Kowalski meet woman who will not tolerate his behavior? He will get hard lesson.

If this is men world,  there should be real men, not savage people who will not understand women needs and wishes. This is not only their fault, this is mainly fault of their mothers, who taught them that woman should sit in the corner and wait for her punishment.

Dominance is indeed sexy if it comes in right doses and in right areas. 

There are things which woman don't want to do alone, so they need men help. Also an opposite, some things men can't do without women. 

Things are changing, so we laugh in modern times to some old standards, as we will laugh in future to some rules of behavior which still exist. Once upon a long time, hot tempered woman was exposed as bad example and ashamed in public square if she participated in conflicts. Everybody could spit on her. 

Today  you can still insult women, but they will fight back. 

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