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How to seduce women online?

Shy guys were reborn with appearance of internet. Finally, they don't need to approach in reality to thousand girls, and to risk rejection. All what they need is to open computers, to make account at social networks and their problem is solved. They will avoid disgrace in public, because they hide under monitor.

What many of guys don't know is how to seduce desirable woman online. Two friends, Ken and Daniel have Facebook profiles, with various results. Ken is loser, and Daniel is winner in this virtual game. Daniel met many of that girls alive, because of his special approach. Ken asked him what is his secret, because girls avoid Ken and block him.

Ken did some basic mistakes which guys should not do online.

So, now you are in the game, you want to find girlfriend on internet, and what you will not do?

Send private message in the same minute when she adds you. 

Wait some time, like her photos, say hello at status, and make step back. If you spam her inbox with bunch of messages, she will think that you are maniac or desperate, lonely guy who will not leave her alone for lifetime.

Make bad jokes about her photos.

She doesn't look like model, she is maybe little chubby? Never say this even if this is true. If you like that girl, find something what is nice on her and make decent compliments.

Vulgar words in messages.

She is sexy, but you don't have to be a jerk. If your message is "You are hootie" , and this is all what you can write to her, she will avoid you because , between lines, it is clear that you want to use her .

Preaching and play role of father or teacher.

Ooops, very big mistake. Internet is place for relaxing. You are maybe smart as Sheldon from "Big bang theory", but it will not impress her. Instead of this, you will be blocked.

Play role of policeman.

If you put girl on pressure on the first sight, and ask her about private status, you are on wrong way. She is not obligate to tell you about her ages, marriage, parents. You are stranger, and this details will come later. 

Don't accuse her that she is fake, if her profile is under avatar.

Some girls have reason to hide photos from publicity. Maybe photo is in private album. First you should reach her level of trust, then make a judgement.

Don't ask for phone number, don't offer your number if you don't know her well. 

This is step of desperate guy, and you are not this. First you will chat at skype, meet her in camera, and then you will decide about phone, because this is step more.

If she doesn't reply you immediately, don't attack her . She is maybe busy so respect her time. 

If she is from another city or another country, never invite her to visit you. You are man, and what kind of man expect from woman to travel to him and to pay travel expenses for stranger.?

Show your photo after some time. If you are pretend that you are handsome as Brad Pitt or you post photos of your handsome cousin, she will be disappointed when she finds out the truth.

The basic rule of online dates is : respect other choice. Give space to girls, to think about. She will give you sign if she is interested, and if you force, you will lose all credits.

What Daniel did and why he is successful in dating online?

He is mysterious and he doesn't send many messages.

He is honest, he has own profile photos, and group photos from parties, journeys, business meetings. Busy guy is always hot.

He never force women, if he feels that they are not interested, he is silent from them.

He is kind, but not smarmy. He is also firm, but not aggressive. He has manners and he is educated, so even if girl offend him, he will reply on nice way.

He is listening women, what they have to say to him. He ask for their opinions, if he disagree, he will explain why. He will never say to woman "Shut up" or "Fuck off."

Some guys have wrong thinking, that women will fall on their knees if they have money, expensive car or if they look hot . Guy can be model, but if he is jerk, it will be turn off. Personality is very important, and way how you represent yourself.

Imagine that you have party and someone uninvited comes at your door, push you and grab drinks and cookies , start to yell and break glasses. You would say "What a moron!". The same is on internet. Guy who follows you as crazy and spam your inbox is also maniac, as someone who act like this in reality. Just he is hidden behind computer . 
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