392. Regular snitch

Everyone will remember school days, when you had idea to runaway from classroom. When majority agreed, you were on a way to get home, together with your classmates. Unpleasant moment was next day, when someone said all to your teacher. That was class snitch. It was someone who wanted to leave good impression, and price was treason of others. If you cheated on exam, for sure snitch would knew. 

Donald grew up as kind of snitch. He complaint to his classmates because they underestimated him and he was victim of mocking and bullying. He found way, to tell all their tricks and pranks, so he was step forward. He was rat. Ten years later, Donald works in office. He report to his bosses if his colleagues get late at work, do they talk with clients or they don't answer on phone calls, and how much they stay on lunch pause.
One day Donald stuck in traffic jam and he could not come at time. It was important business meeting, and he came half hour later. Unlucky for him, the main leader of this meeting was woman from another firm, the one who were fired before, because of Donald's report. Now she was brand manager in marketing department.Thanks to Donald, his firm lost important clients. Nobody had understanding for Donald and his problem.

How to recognize real snitch?

This person usually use sweet words. "How are you today, dear? I am so happy to see you."

Also snitch will give many big compliments. "You look awesome, like model. Your hair is fabulous."

Snitch will know everything about everyone. He is the main source.

Snitch is always awake, nobody can't miss his attention. 

Snitch is not alone. He is usually in company with his bosses and all important people at work. 

He works in his interest. If you see that someone is progressing very fast, he doesn't play fair.

If you saw movie "The wolf from Wall street", the main actor ended up as snitch. He betrayed all to survive. Sometimes, life is cruel, and if we grab to much, we will hurt someone. Also, we will pay high price even we did not expect this. 

No matter where is his area, snitch will always play double game. He will go for person who pays more, who is more worthy and more useful. He is double agent. 

Maybe you once got an offer to be a snitch. This offer could be attractive, to betray someone for your own success and profit. In this case, you must give up from all values as dignity, respect and loyalty. Snitch is chameleon, and he changes characters as clothes, depends on situations.

Also, don't be surprised when your own weapon turns against you. This is double game and maybe you are now on target.

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