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Do you believe in a summer romance?

When you eat ice cream, you are focused on sweet taste. This enjoyment is under deadline so it will melt if you don't eat fast, and when the meal is finished, you will not think about this anymore. The same thing is with summer romances. 

Summer is a special part of the year when everyone wishes to be sexy, beautiful and in love. Vacations at sea are the most popular, and people will argue at work about free days. This is a chance to get tanned, to make the better shape of your body and to catch some moments of passion. Later, you will remember days when you were party queen or when you break someone's heart. Your Facebook profile and your cell phone will remind you how dangerous seductress you were, and this photos will be basic of your self-esteem.

If you are a woman with realistic expectations, you will remember summer romance as something relaxing and sweet, but you will close that memory box with first fallen leaves. Now is autumn, rain is falling, your swimsuit is on the bottom of your wardrobe and you got some kilograms. You closed this chapter. 

Well, not everyone is the same, so summer romance will not die if actors of this story want to make plans for future.

Before you wish to continue your hot love story, here are some things you must have on your mind:

Did he gave your phone number, or at least you can find him on internet pages?

He called you few days after you traveled home?

He wanted to find you, so he asked your friends about you?

He went to your city, by "accident"?

He invited you to visit him?

If you can answer with yes, your romance has potential to last more than one summer. If you don't live in the same city or even in the same country, things will be tough and only the most resistant couples will survive. Remember, this will take efforts from both sides.

Annabelle was an incredibly romantic girl. Movie "Notebook" made her cry and she watched this several times. When she falls in love during her summer vacation in Greece, her friends were not surprised. She crushed in handsome Greek guy Kostas. During that two weeks, they were two pigeons. Friends were joking that they look like Siam twins. When vacation finished, Annabelle cried every day. Kostas sent her a lot of messages first days. As time was passing by, that messages became a rarity. Annabelle called him, she wanted to communicate with him on Skype, but he had the excuse that he hates social networks and that his job is very hectic because he works overtime. One day Annabelle got a message from her friend Wendy. Wendy revealed facebook page, and the guy at photos was very similar to Kostas. Annabelle confirmed, it was Kostas, but not alone, he was hugged by an attractive girl. Under photo was title: "Kostas and Maria together forever. " So she supposed that Kostas is in long relation and that he was cheating his girlfriend with her. She felt like a piece of trash. In the moment of rage, she sent him a message with the middle finger, but it did not help her to feel better. Kostas ignored her, as she never existed.

Ray of the sun, sea waves, handsome guys at the beach, music at an open-air party. Sparks are everywhere, and you connect with him just like that

He is as ice cream, sweet taste, but with the deadline. You don't have to regret because this happened. Summer romance is just one hot chapter in your life book. This connection was born in special circumstances when you were maybe drunk, alone or hungry of passion. 

Real love is flexible, it has an adjustment in space and time. It will not last until the end of some party on the beach. 

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