405. Libido on the top

Do you feel excited today? If you feel hot, horny and you want only one thing with special person, your libido is at the top and you are ready for action. Even in 21 century people are sometimes ashamed to say that they are horny because it could be wrongly understood. When man is horny, that is sexy and desirable, this will increase his masculine power. Well, if woman is horny, she is easy, filthy or vulgar , and she gives right to every man to be close with her. 

What kind of reaction could produce naked woman on photo? What will you think if woman start to use words with double meaning in conversation with you? In general, that woman is following her libido. Word libido had first mention in Dante "Inferno", where he described queen Semiramida. Her existence is allowed  "by law" and  libido . Sigmund Freud defined libido as sexual energy, but Carl Gustav Jung expanded that word, as kind of psychic energy. Accord Jung, libido is moving from one content to another. You can feel libido as magical irresistible light, when you desperately want to touch particular person, because something attracted you as magnetic field.

In general, the most often turn on's in women area are:

Scent. Person with pleasant scent will be more desirable.

Smile. Sound of smile and expression of happiness are aphrodisiacs.

Elegant walk. Marilyn Monroe is famous about her walk and rocking with hips.

Pleasant voice. Not too loud, not screaming, little deep and slow. 

Silence. Closed mouth are sexy , but also mysterious. When you are silent, he will not know which is your next step. This is more exciting.

Also, some things are guarantee that your man will chill out.

Nagging. If you constantly complain, if everything is bothering you, man will escape from you. 

Your cell phone is always on your ears. Turn of your phone if you want special meeting with your man. Your mother, your boss or best friend and her gossips are not important in this moment.

Talking about ex partners. Red alarm, never compare your ex boyfriend with present partner. Especially if you talk about size of his penis or skills in bedroom.

Don't talk that you are fatty or chubby. If you don't like your body, for sure he will not like it either.

Talking about your period or sexual disease as HPV or herpes is also not desirable. 

Don't panic if you are without makeup or your underwear is not sexy. All right, you have no lipstick, eye bags are visible from the plane and your bra is too tight or wrong color, but you should not warn your man about this. You are sex bomb now and think only about this.

Here are some examples about situations which made people hot, for just one moment. It was spontaneous reaction, and libido was in the top.

"I was hitchhiking, and that man drove me in his car. He was so sexy , and i accepted sex with him. He did not force me..it was something in his behavior, it was risky and dangerous situation, so we did it."

"Me and my boyfriend, we were arguing that day for so long. At the end, we rip our clothes and made sex."

" I could not stand my business partner. He is an asshole. But, when we were alone in office and worked at mutual projects, we were so tense. And that happened."

"He was my ex boyfriend, and when i heard that he is in new relation, i seduced him. I could not bear that other woman will sleep with him."

" Her attitude was so bossy. I could not stand her bitching. But we did sex during business journey, in hotel. I wanted to break her resistance."

You can call it devilish feeling, chemical reaction or magical spell. When libido takes over, mind is out of power.

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