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How to behave in a nightclub?

People are looking for love in different places. Love is hiding in the corner , so you can meet someone special in the train, taxi, during lunch pause in business restaurant, even on the street. You never know where Cupid go for his duty. If you have plan how to meet special person, first think about location. Many  guys will visit nightclubs, in hope to catch attractive girl. 

No matter are you young or old, you must behave in night club if you don't want to be kicked out. So, if you are not drunk, if you don't participate in fights, you will still be undesirable there, for one special reason - if you annoy women.

So, what kind of failures guys do, when they wish to approach to women?

If you buy her drink, don't hug her immediately. 

I remember when i accepted drink from unknown guy. He hugged me, and i invited waiter, i asked him how much is this cocktail, and i paid by myself. Then, i told him to stay away from me. If you try to touch me , even you don't know me, you are idiot. I don't sell myself for one juice or beer.

If you dance with her, don't be too close, this is not dirty dancing.

You could be slapped or ashamed. Not every girl is sweet and kind, especially when you cross the limits.

If you see girl who is alone near bar, don't approach her immediately. Give yourself a time.

Even couples are not together whole night. Maybe her boyfriend went to buy her drink, or to toilet. Don't be inpatient.

If girl is drunk, don't try to use her for sex.

First, man who can use drunk girl is not a gentleman. Second, she can't enjoy with you, she will not remember, so that is equal as rape.

Don't fall on sexy look immediately. Disco lights and makeup are big liars. This hot girl is not so sexy by daily lights. 

You can ask me "Which kind of idiot doesn't know how to behave in club? " You would be surprised. In some countries young people don't go to parties. They skip this from different reasons, religious, financial or simply they don't enjoy in this. On this way, they have no clue what is appropriate, and what is not accord unwritten rules of society. Also, boy who stuck in virtual space is lost in reality. So imagine that you took such man, to dance in the club? They need some guidance.

How we can know that someone never went at party?

You can recognize such man at first sight. 

He drinks mineral water.

He stand in the corner and stare in girls as they are aliens.

He doesn't dance, if he do, heat is clumsy as clown.

He will spend all his money to buy drinks for girls, and they will use him as bank.

He will go around, from one girl to another, and every of them will reject them. 

His clothes looks as from museum. Person who never went in night club is out of fashion. 

Night clubs and bars are places of cruelty. Sometimes, you will feel as fisherman with empty net. You spent all food but catch is zero. Guys with sexy look and fast cars will take all cream, and what is left to you, are pieces of cake. Or , you can try to find love in another place, where another qualities will show up. Loud music will not give you chance to take wise conversation . If you want to impress girl on such place, show her that you know how to have fun. Then , take her number and invite her tomorrow, for a date. 

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