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Your love story is not finished with a marriage

Your love story is not finished when you get marry. Boredom , habits and routine will wait in the shadow and after many years you will ask for refreshment. These days when your heart skipped beat because you saw that beautiful woman are behind you, and now you see bunch of unpaid bills instead of your sexy partner. I read your mind now : you wish to turn back time and to travel in the age of your youth.

How to activate butterflies in stomach again?

Typical conversation between two men sounds like that:

"Look dude i don't know about you, but i don't remember when i had last time good sex. I have no time and space because of my kids, and even when my mother in law is take care for them, my wife is too tired to have sex with me. "

"I know what you mean. That is why i watch porno movies because i can't wait my turn. And i have own collection of some magazines for adults. "

How to give colors to your grey marriage? Is it really true that boredom became master with time, or you choose wrong partner?

Some people will always ask for a challenge. Others will prefer safety, which is often connected with boredom. 

Imagine that you have house with fireplace, you watch television and around you are your wife, kids, cat or dog. 

Here are few different ways about this image:

Person A. This is happiness and love. I could not imagine nothing more happier than this. 

Person B. How dull! I would escape through the window. I hope dog would not follow me.

Person C. This is cozy shelter for few days, but after this i would like to go on fresh air.

What is a secret of long , successful relation or marriage? Maybe you think that your partner cannot surprise you anymore, because you know him or her so well. You are wrong.

Look this ten steps.

1. Don't rush on the start of relation. Don't say i love you immediately.

2. Slow down with making love. You have a time so delay this as special event.

3. Never introduce your love with your parents or relatives at the beginning. It is red alarm that you want to put person in the cage. 

4. Don't avoid conflicts. If you agree with everything what your partner says, you are part of him, and your personality doesn't exist. So you are boring.

5. Travel around from time to time. Adventures will bring new light into your relation.

6.  Help your partner with problems. If your wife has problems at work , listen her and give advice. Nothing makes couple more close than togetherness during crises. 

7. Change your style from time to time. Your partner doesn't have to look same hairstyle and clothes whole life. You can make some changes for good. There is no need that your husband remember you as cheerleader in short skirt even when your legs are not so perfect anymore.

8. Create space only for yourself. Nothing is more seductive than person who loves to be alone from time to time. Distance is hot. If you play tennis in Wednesday, your wife can wait you at home in new underwear. That is more exciting than talking about money debts.

9. Share your success with partner. That is aphrodisiac. No matter did you get new job or win on gamble, your partner will see you in new light. Nobody wants to lose person who brings happiness.

10. Take care for pets. Cats, dog, birds, that cute creatures connect people more than you know. If you don't talk with your partner, at least you can ask him to feed cat, for a start. 

Even we meet many people during life, and we can fall in love so many times, here is just one person with whom we can spend life. Some will get divorce and try again with new partner, but yet you will not change your wife and husband as you change socks.  That is why relation needs patience and strong nerves. Once you felt butterflies in stomach because you saw that beautiful woman. She smiled and you lost your mind. Now you feel butterflies again, but not only because she smiled. It happens because she made your whole life worthy. 

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