422. Your nose in my business

If you think about life as a gift, this will be special envelope addressed to you. It means, you will open this and try to make something from awesome elements. You will find lovers, friends, job and try to live this life with full lungs. 

"This is my life." When you say this, you protect your rights to live as you wish. Maybe you are poor, promiscuous, in conflict with all around you, but this life you chose. There is nothing so exciting as freedom of your beliefs and thoughts. 

Sometimes, we can notice different people, who like to talk about others , but not about themselves. They live through other lives. Imagine situation when you walk around, and someone is following you. This person will do the same what you do and go anywhere with you. This is your shadow mate.

Which are symptoms of life in shadow?

Person talk as she or he. "She was here with this guy. " "He was buying apples when she came."

Person is angry , not because of own reasons. Person is angry because of something what other did.

If you know someone who like to gossip, this is real example of shadow mate. This person is source because all what she do is digging into other lives.

Person is obsessed. You can't persuade her in anything different.

Look around yourself, you will see many shadow mates. This woman who works in office next to yours, she know the time when you come at work , that you will get late. She knows all about your clothes and shoes, that you wear something out of dress code. She knows that you did not put makeup yesterday and that your boss was yelling at you.

This old man who is staring from his window knows all about your lovers, he saw that you were drunk last Saturday and that you fall on the stairs. 

Local postman knows were you went to vacation and that your cat get lost in unknown direction. Yes, he heard about this, how can you hide something from him?

What is common to those people?

Once they had life which occupied them. Something happened, maybe his wife died, or her husband get divorce from her. Maybe she got nervous breakdown. Now they sop all info about others, to feed their brain. If they dig something bad, this is more good for them. They heal their internal frustrations with others misery. 

Your shadow mate lives with you in community. No, you did not accept him. He is your label, your stamp. Whatever you do, he will know about this. 

You have choices, don't care too much and live as shadow mate doesn't exist. Indeed, he exist only as your follower. His real life vanished a long time ago.

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