424. Vixen in the action

Strong attitude is sexy, because you know what you wish and how to ask for it. You don't afraid to approach to guys , to express your desires and to take control in relationship. If you do some steps more, you are into men area, and this is negative for you. Ask any man, would he like to date with vixen? Mostly, they will say yes for one night stand with vixen, but no for relation, especially for marriage.

Who is indeed vixen or harpy? 

Woman with hysterical approach. 
"If you don't do what i asked from you, you will pay for this."

Woman who will always complain on anything. 
"You did not call me on time, you did not wash dishes, you are generally idiot. "

Woman who is ready to use physical force to get what she wants. 
Yellow press wrote about Slavica Ecclestone , as about woman who beat her husband Bernie.

Woman who make scenes in publicity, because she needs audience for approval.

Woman who involve in everything, so she will know what is the best for her man. 
Choice of friends, job and hobbies are in her hands. She takes over.

Men will make mutual jokes about friends who are married with vixen. 

Something like this:

"Did you hear about Gary, he went to job in the morning with black eye. His wife has hard fist."

"I called Max on mobile, to invite him on my birthday party, and his wife told me that he is not available for me. She said that i am not good company for him."

Love sparks will increase because of our differences. It is not by accident, that woman are more soft and gentle, and men are strong and firm. When you act like man, your man will have bad feeling. It doesn't mean that you must cry all the time or that your man must earn money for you. You can find sophisticated, female ways, to prove that you have right. There is nothing less sexy than screaming voice or hysterical cry. 

Some things will do only vixen, and it will chill out men on the level zero.

Force man for sex when he is not in the mood. 

Blackmail to your man, that you will do something bad, if he doesn't act accord your wishes.

Humiliate your man in front of other men. He will remember if you dance with his friend and if you acted as slut in his arms.

Fight with another woman in front of him. For sure, your rival will deserve role of victim, especially if you are the first who attacked her.

Talk open and without limits about your sexual past. You don't have to consider yourself as sexual machine.

Compare your present boyfriend with your ex partner, who was great lover. And if you do deep sigh, be sure your man will remember this.

Many teenagers will think that is so cool if they act like Milley Cyrus and talk dirty, or if they call boyfriend as "their bitch." This is maybe cool in movies, but not in reality. Absolutely, men will not get you serious. He will have fun with you and next day you will not receive call from him. He is a man, why should he needs another guy?

If man is hugged by vixen, other guys will laugh to him. He will be labelled as milksop, because his woman takes control over him. Even worse, if woman cheat him, he is loser of the year. Woman with gun is maybe sexy, but woman with rose is love of his life.  In symbolic way, what you show it will come back to you.