430. Suicide blond

One of the most familiar stereotypes are views about blondes. No matter is that natural hairstyle or woman is just dye her hair , blondes will never stay unnoticed. In movies with romantic story, mistress is usual blond woman, and wife is woman with brown or black hair. Good example is ex US president John F. Kennedy, his wife was Jacqueline Kennedy, lady with brown hair, and whole world bragged about his blonde mistress Marilyn Monroe. Blonde women are labelled as easy , stupid or cheap , accord superficial men. In one hand, blonde woman will be someone fatal, and in other hand, she will be woman which is easy to get. Alfred Hitchcock was big fan of blondes, his favorite actresses were Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Grace Kelly, all blondes.There is something intricate in woman with blonde hair, with transparent white skin and blue eyes as combination.

The last woman hanged in Great Britain was Ruth Ellis. She was blonde and she killed her lover with pistol Smith&Wesson. Her lawyers advised her to change color of hair for better impression on jury. She did not listened them and she kept her blonde style. Her lawyers had thought that Ruth would have better chances to avoid death penalty as woman with brown hair. In that age, blonde woman was considered as promiscuous, easy and slutty. 

Here is big contradiction, because blonde woman will attract more attention , but in the same time men will not get her serious. Sharon Stone broke one big judgement about blondes, her IQ is 148, even she had fatal role in "Basic instinct" and she is famous from scene with crossed legs, where she shown that she did not wear panties. 

Blondes are also subject of jokes, so you will hear jokes about blondes, for example: "How alcohol affects to you? Blonde spreads her legs." On first sight, jokes are funny, but if you exaggerate, it leads into judgement and mockery. 

Despite of jokes and stereotypes, many women will dye hair in blonde, to be more attractive and more noticed. Blonde hair could make them to look younger and more sexy. 

Which are the most often misleads about blondes?

Blonde girl is good mistress, but bad wife. She is unfaithful.
Blonde girl is dumb and uneducated.
Blonde girl is promiscuous.
Blonde girl is magnet for troubles, even in conflict with law.
Blonde girl is not confident.

If you go for an interview for job, nobody would recommend you to wear short skirt, too much makeup and to dye your hair in light blonde. It would be right way if you work in casino or in night club. If you wish job at office, you will give wrong impression. Remember movie "Legally blonde ", were nobody get serious Reese Whiterspoon, who played blonde girl. For first impression, it is better to play on safe cards. Later, you can be what you wish.

Human nature is superficial, and people will often judge book accord cover. Do you remember fairy tales about princess with golden hair? 

It was story about women who were so helpless that they could not do nothing without men. They were fragile, dependable, and only strong man could save them from troubles. Their only job was to smile and clap their hands, when some knight fought for their affection.

Stereotypes are sensitive field. We must balance as on dance floor. Sometimes we must dance on other's music, even we don't like this. You need to pretend that you are sweet innocent shepherd girl, even you are fatal woman. Also, it is very important to know with whom you are dealing. If you are the part of world were people judge each other by color of hair or skin, it is necessary to know their rules. Then you can make hole in this stereotypes and break this in suitable moment.

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