444. Play with gigolo

If you are lonely woman, there is no point for despair. You just need to ask for gigolo. Yes, i am joking, but things are changed and feminism brought us new tool to compete with men, and his name is gigolo. 

Word gigolo appears first time in 1920, as french word gigolette , as dance partner who is making company to lonely women, for money. He is male escort, or male prostitute. Statistic talks about itself, so accord one research in 25 european countries, 7% prostitutes are men. One hour will gigolo will cost you about 100 euros, and whole day 1000 euros, it depends about offer and requests. 10% gigolos are from Balcan area.

Materialism is not only women tool. You can imagine man who is lazy to study or to find job, and he is looking good. This man will try to ask easy ways to earn money, and he will take his hook to catch lonely, older women with big wallet. Even some relation between much older women and young men will look like gigolo deal, partners will deny it. Gigolo is entrepreneur, and his project is his body.

Now, what one gigolo should have?

Great look. Pretty face, amazing body with muscles.

Certain ages. I suppose he should be young, but not too young. Man between 25-35.

Expert skills in bed. Gigolo should not have problems with impotence or he would lose job.

Cold mind and resistant stomach. Well, he should not fall in love. Also, he should not reject old, ugly woman if she pays big money for him.

What kind of women will ask for a gigolo? 

Let's throw out all judgemental views. If is not a secret that many men will ask for prostitutes, why should not women ask company of gigolo, if they are rich and curious? It is not a rule that only ugly, old woman will ask for a gigolo. Some business woman are too busy for love, so they will take an experiment, to pay for services. Well, let's put in their positions. If they should choose between ugly colleague from work and handsome man as escort, they would pay for the best, isn't it?

Once i was at party where woman hired striper. We girls are looking his dance, and for me it was funny. One girl took a courage to approach him, and they danced as hot couple. I had feeling of sickness. It is not because i am old fashion. Simply, that girl lost dignity, and all were looking at her. She tried to be cool, but indeed she was pathetic. Man took money for his dance, but she got only laugh. 

Few facts about gigolos:

No, he will not fall in love in you. He is just professional player.
He doesn't remember your name or who are you. You are number.
He wish to stop one day and find normal job, because his body is not young forever and he will not be so long in the market.
He is maybe married and he did this job to bring money to his children.

We are part of society where we are not talking anymore. Conversation stucked in cell phone and in front of monitor. Our feelings are expressed by disclaimers, and cyber sex is part of reality. Why should gigolo surprise us? 

Tina Turner has appropriate song about private dancer who is dancing for money. Gigolo is a man who is dancing for purpose, and he will save the last dance for his retirement. 
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