456. Lost as goose in the fog

If you can do it today, don't leave it for tomorrow. The one who delayed too much, in fact did not want it. Shortly, when you hesitate, you are not doing a favor to yourself. More you think about some problem, you are far from solution. Finally, you will get confused, as goose in the fog.

What make us undecided when we are in the middle of our solutions?

Fear from failure. You know that you learn all lessons, but despite of this, you don't have faith to pass this exam.

Superstition . You believe in bad luck, and if you see black cat on the day of your interview, you will give up.

Bad experiences. Last time when you invested money at your stock, you lost.

Our actions depend of our character. So if you are by nature person who delays, you will go more  slowly than others. Caution is good thing, but if you can't decide too long, that is your failure. It is not the same if you can't pick right shoes or if you can't propose your girlfriend. Your hesitation will bring doubts and people will start to lose faith in you. 

If we look on other side of hesitation, you can use it as good strategy in negotiation. In business project, you can delay with answer or you can prolong deadline. It gives you more time for final decision and advantage in front your rivals, because they will not know what you think and what will be your next step.

Samantha was in long relation with her boyfriend Gary. He could not find right time to propose her. Finally, when he asked her to marry for him, she said "i don't know. " First time, he felt fear that he will lose her. She did not give final answer for a few days, then she accepted. She wanted to see is he serious and when she was sure , she said yes. 

When you hesitate, someone expect something from you. 

It means next:

1. you are not sure what to do
2. you are sure what to do, but you want to keep other person on ice

If you use strategy with hesitation sometimes, it will help you to get your score. But, if this is your habit, and you can't give answer yes or no in anything, you will be labelled as weak person. That means, person with strong character will decide instead of you. You will be in the shadow of leader, until you will have role of follower.  Answer "i don't know" is not desirable answer. 

Remember when you were in elementary school, and teacher asked you what you think about some subject. If you said "i don't know", you got bad mark. The same is in life. When moment of decision come, you need to make an attitude. Otherwise, you will look as little kid who get lost at his way home.