457. Paws at your partner

When we involve jealousy in our relation, that is limitation of freedom. Simply , if you demand to your darling what to do and what not to do, you give him hint that he is not free as he wish to be. Such relation is close to prison and soon he will try to escape from this.

Another extreme is total freedom. You give hands of your partner free, he can do what he wish. This is kind of test, so let we see will he abuse it or he will justify your trust. 

Tiffany and Blake were together eight years. They had different friends, and she spent many time with her team, how she used to call them. In other hand, Blake was in local football team, so he participated in every match and training was part of his life. How time passed by, they were more far from each other. Tiffany did not want to ask nothing from him, and Blake did not ask himself why his girlfriend doesn't complain. In fact, Tiffany met new guy, Jerry. So when Blake spent some time out of city, Tiffany was dating with Jerry. This couple avoided problems. Cloud was above this relation, but they did not talk with each other. They split in peace.

When you give someone free space, you need to make boundaries. So, you will not go with your partner at manicure or pedicure, you will not take him at hairdresser, but also he will not spend every weekend with his friends. 

One guy i met did excellent joke when he explained freedom in relation. He said : " If you have cow, you will take care for this cow. If you let her to go where she wants, she will escape on other meadow, which is not yours."

Women are not cows and men are not bulls, but it is very easy to make confusion. 

How you will know that some person is single or taken?

Hillary wanted to dance with handsome guy at wedding. It was wedding party when her sister got married. So her sister introduce her to Paul, and she had no idea that Paul is engaged. He behaved as he is single man. Even he kissed Hillary during dance. He gave her phone number. Next day Hillary got disturbing sms. "Listen bitch, stay out from my fiance otherwise i will decorate your face with my nails." Hillary was shocked and she called his girlfriend to apologize. Paul was the main culprit because he acted as the last jerk.

Temptations are everywhere. When you fly around, you forget where is your safe harbor. You forget who is preparing meals for you, who cleans for you and who waits you in warm bed. Simply, some sexy legs or body with muscles can give you blackout. You wish to taste something else. But you are not free as you wish. 

Someone else can take paws at your partner if you don't get some insurance. 

It is not 100% safe, but you can try.

Remind him to have ring on his finger.

Your photo should be background of his cell phone.

Let he calls you when he is out with his friends. Not all the time, but he must notify you where he is.

You can put your photo in his wallet. It is maybe old fashion, but it will not be unnoticed.

If you have kids, tell your daughter or son to follow him. Let they spy for you.

You can give small task to your best friend to check him. He will not know.

Some people will not respect other statuses even if you give them clear information about this. Who wish to burn, battlefield is open.