458. Boiling point

Indifference is aphrodisiac. Ask one woman to choose between many men, she will choose the one who doesn't care about her, because that is interesting. Especially if you are pretty, smart and desirable woman who can pick. If you have choice, why not to choose the best? 
When women complain to each other that guy hurt them or left them, they will ask one question: "Why this happened to me, am i cursed? " Indeed they forget that they chose particular guy and result was not as they expected. Maybe they were deaf on all warnings and they wanted to change him. When woman is crying, she must to go back on the start of her story.

Who are unavailable men?

You call him and he is not answering.
He always find excuse not to talk with you.
He spent night with you but later he will not message you. 
He is constantly busy.
He will not say i love you so easy.

It looks out of logic, but woman will often chose unavailable man. 

Why should woman pick guy who will hurt her? 

He is sexy because you can't keep him. Such sex is dangerous and out of your control.
Relation with him is roller coaster. And this is exciting, isn't it?
He is not stalking you, you must find where is he.
He is not jealous type, because he knows that you are crazy about him.

Women nowdays love independency. If you are with indifferent guy, he will fit at your busy schedule as cream on the cake. Imagine that you must run on business meeting and you have pussy guy who will call you every hour where are you. No, you need guy who will not call you while you are busy. Also, if you work at important project you must be focused, and you don't need guy who will ask you do you still love him or why you were grumpy in the morning. 

Brenda left good guy because he was dependable to her love. Clive was tender and romantic, but boring. She already met his parents after just one month of relation. They started to buy her gifts and she felt as she is tied to his family. In bed, Clive was average. He focused on sweet words and when Brenda wanted something kinky he was terrified. Then she met Alan and her world turned around. They talked at phone and send each other dirty photos. Brenda felt as movie star with him. Alan was poison , but she wanted to taste him. 

One man said : "I don't understand woman. I am kind, loving, i open them door, i help them with luggage, i am here when they need to fix something in their house. But i am on abstinence for a year because i did not manage to find woman who will sleep with me. "

Passion has no logic, or logic is an opposite. When you want to sleep with someone, it must be tensions between you and him. If you have loving, domestic atmosphere with him in the start, your libido will be very low. If you watch erotic movies, two lovers are often people who hate each other. Then they find boiling point and action is here.