463. Princess on the peas

Did you hurt someone today? You will say : "No, i am not such person. I would not kill even fly. I watch my language. "  

Examples from real life will show you an opposite. We are hurting each other every day, without awareness and warning. Even if you walk on eggs, victims will lay down around you.

One day you forgot to say hello to old woman next door. She will get hurt. Her reaction: "Behave yourself. You did not say hello to me? I am your first neighbor. " Next day you forgot to open door to old lady, because her hands were full of bags, she was in the market. You were rushing, so you did not open fucking door. She will say again: "You are monster, can't you have little compassion toward old people?"

Even you think that you are on safe zone if you don't talk and if you talk only with kindness, your behavior can also hurt someone. So, let me see your day at work. You are man, so you did not shave your beard. What will your boss say? "You broke ethic of this workplace. You are insulting us. Why you did not shave? How you will go to the meeting?"

Open your internet profile so you will see many friend request. If you don't accept all, people will say: "You hurt me, you are smug, cocky person. So, i am not enough good to be your friend? Go to hell, you monster."

Human species is made from sensitive material. It is so easy to hurt some people. The point is not in outside actions or influences. This key is inside of them. If you are spoiled brat, if your parents were yelling on other kids every time when you made your clothes dirty, or every time when someone pushed you, you will be the same as adult. Wow, this world is so cruel. Everyone is hurting me, so how i will survive there?

Here is the test. 

Are you princess on the peas?

Are you mad every time when someone make joke about you?
Did you take seriously every negative word about your face and body?
Do you cry often?
Do you blame others for your bad mood?
Can you make jokes about your own mistakes?

Men will say that sensitive nature is sign of woman gender. But i know some men who are so sensitive that i can make them cry very easy. It is enough to say that they have no guts, and they are already so desperate that they want to shot at me. 

Hans Christian Andersen wrote fairy tale about princess on the peas. She was royal blood so she could feel peas under her sheets. Fragile and sensitive lady was symbol of someone helpless, who needs someone to take care about her. 

It is funny when you met guy who will broke on every harsh word. This is not harmless, because even such person is sensitive outside, he has also dark side. He can dream about revenge, he will make cruel plan to hurt you. That is message of this story. If your anger can't go away through jokes and smile, it will be back with knife. 

So, probably you get hurt someone today , even you don't know when and why. Handle this with maturity, because you are responsible only for what you say, not for wrong interpretations of your words.