466. No friendship in business area

Old proverb says: "There is no friendship in business." Rivalry, competition, enemies are present in business world, but place for friendship is somewhere else. Do you think different?

Friendship is based on emotions, and when you work with your friend, emotions are irrelevant. No matter do you work in office or in shipyard, your friendship cannot be an excuse for faults at work. Just because you hired your friend, he should not have any benefits, especially he can't be an exception between other workers.

When we talk about corruption at work, one of reasons are friends and relatives at workplace. One good joke says : "At this workplace we never had sexual affairs. All are relatives." If you hire your best friend, someone will accuse you that you are overprotective, unfair and not able to think on objective way. Imagine situation were two people at work are in conflict, and one of them is your friend. Which side you will support? If you support friend, others will judge you. If you support other person, your friend will say that you are disloyal.

When i was kid in elementary school , in my classroom was girl , teacher's daughter. Everyone talked about her as spoiled brat. When she got average mark, she was crying as it is end of the world. She expected to be the best, because it was in her blood. The same situation happens when two best friends are working together, they must be an example. 

When Trudy became headmaster in high school, she hired her best friend Lydia as secretary. Trudy wanted to help her because she had problems in searching job. First all was excellent, because Lydia was good secretary, she spoke few foreign languages and she was responsible. Then Trudy started to use her, as personal assistant, for private things . Lydia had task to reject all phone calls from ex Trudy's husband, and it was unpleasant situation. That man hated Lydia because she would sabotage his every intention to get close with Trudy again. When Lydia finally said that she feels as snitch, Trudy said to her : "You are my friend and you are working for me. Without me you would be hungry."

When favor became blackmail, it is time to say goodbye. Someone helped you to find job, and now you will pay for this till the end of your life? That is not the way, and for sure it is not friendship.

So, where are limits between partnership and friendship at work?

You are not obligated to send personal emails, to reply on personal phone calls.
You are not obligated to listen private details about life of your boss.
You don't need to accept her invitation for private party, cinema, social event, unless it has connection with your work.
Separate your private life from job. Your boss doesn't need to know about your problems with husband and kids, crazy ex boyfriend or parents. 
You have right on your free time and you are not obligated to reply on phone calls for weekend or holidays.

Some people will say, how to separate private life from business when you are so dependable on your boss? 

That is a trap, because every boss, even your friend will try to move your limits and cross into your private area. So , when your friend is your boss or your partner, be ready to see his nose in your privacy. If you are afraid to lose job, your fear will be your enemy. Remember movie "Devil wears Prada". Terrible woman was boss in fashion industry and she was bitch of the year. She wanted a book about Harry Potter before that book was even published.

Power spoils people. Do you remember your friend before his success? He was nice and kind, isn't it? Now he is a monster who is yelling at his workers. He wants sandwich with special kind of cheese and you must travel out of city to buy this. Don't let yourself to be a toy in his hands. If you deal with friend, that was devil's settlement because you are in his hands.