472. Ping pong lover

You see that bitch with your beloved man. Do you wish to strangle her? Feeling so familiar, isn't it? No matter how much one woman is pretty , smart or well mannered, we are the same when someone involve in our relation. As cats, women will fight for their territory, with all kind of tools. 

"She seduces my man. " "She stole my lover". That words are sign of despair, because man whom you love is not only yours anymore, in fact he is on the way to replace you. Before you spread your paws and claws, you need to know the facts. 

Know your enemy, who is she, what is she and what she wants from your man.

You rival wants:

Only sex. That kind of women are not dangerous, probably she has more men for game.

Money. She is threat for his wallet and his heart , but you can use it against him. He will be double idiot, man who cheats good woman with material girl.

Love. She is dangerous, because she wants to steal his heart.

Friendship. Maybe woman works with him and she only needs to talk. She is lonely, but not interested for relation, or she would not involve with man who is taken already.

There is a recipe for every kind of competitor, but you must act wise. Don't yell or fight with her on first sight, your fists must be the last solution, when everything else will not work out.

You have a choice.

Make friendship with her. If she wants your lover as friend, you can be her friend too. So, she will not betray you, you are friends now.

Give her what she wants, and he can't give her. Maybe she is money hunter. You can offer her business opportunity. Ambitious woman will fast forget your lover, for the sake of money.

Introduce her to your handsome brother, cousin or best male friend. If she wants sex, someone of them could get lucky.

Play role of poor victim. Tell her that you can't live without your husband or lover. If you have kids, show her photos of your family. If woman is reasonable, she will take off her fingers from your man.

In movie "Nymphomaniac part one" Uma Thurman plays role of married woman, who is cheated by her husband. She visits his mistress together with kids. Husband is embarrassed, because his mistress doesn't want him as serious love. She just wanted an affair.

One important thing: man who loves you will never leave your side. He is human from flesh and blood, but he will resist to temptation. He will not trade one hot night for real love. When you fight battle, you fight for ping pong lover. Who is he? That is man who act like butterfly. He flies from flower to flower, and try to seduce every woman. So if he is not yours, he will not be hers also. For few months you can see that woman is crying too. Maybe she will need your advise.